{other} What's New?

So...another month has gone by without me updating. haha I haven't been in the mood to catch up on any HK star's news, so I'm not motivated to do any new artworks.Only one of Raymond, for his new series "Highs and Lows" (aka Thunderous Drug Raid). And this one sucks. LOL

I finally finished watching Bottled Passion though. :D It was good, like everyone said it was, but honestly, the last episode kind of pissed me off. haha Along with everyone else, I was 'wtf' when Tung Pun Sin was crawling around town with a knife in his stomach. He's so clever and smart, yet what he did was basically suicide. >.< I was also pretty annoyed with Tsu Sum started hitting Law Yat and called him a bad person for making her go look at all the blood splatters. You're not the only one that loves him. I I'm more of a Tung Pun Sin and Law Yat shipper than a Tung Pun Sin and Tsu Sum shipper. hahaha Loved their bromance.
Now I started both Hippocratic Crush and Gloves Come Off. Hopefully I'll finish Hippocratic soon.