{update} Bullet Brain, Beauty at War Thoughts

I finished Bullet Brain a long time ago but I never posted about it. The ending was pretty disappointing. They ruined Pau Ping On as a character, and it was quite stupid how they made Joanna die. It was weird how in the end Columbo doesn't age at all, and he's basically a monster. It's not worth watching, to be honest. If you want to watch Natalie do a good job though, maybe try finding cuts of her scenes. haha
I'm currently on episode 18 of Beauty at War. It's actually quite confusing if you don't pay careful attention to the plot haha. I don't think I'm going to put up my thoughts in an organized post, so this quick update will have to do. Anyways, there was a really weird scene where Lady Yue (Sheren Tang) was smelling Seung Ling (Ada Choi) because Seung Ling smelled like the 5th prince who died. The part right before was sad, and then it just turned into a 'wtf' moment for me. I could have done without that scene, TVB, thanks.

{tvb} Alfred Hui in Home Coming 回鄉

回鄉 actually aired last year, but I never got around to watching it, even though I was intrigued by the concept. However, I was reminded of this show by a post on tumblr. It turns out that Alfred is from Shantou, a Teochew province. Since I'm a fan of Alfred and my family is Teochew, this was something that I had to watch. :) Alfred is featured in episodes eight and nine. 

I'm sorta disappointed that Alfred didn't really speak Teochew and mostly spoke in Cantonese and Mandarin, but his Teochew was pretty cute in the end. :) He spoke with a Canto accent, but then again I speak Teochew with an English accent haha. It was great to learn more about my "home province." 

{update} Edits and Bullet Brain Thoughts

I made some edits from Oscar and Katy's old wedding pictorials, so I wanted to post them up. 

Anyways, concerning Bullet Brain, I'm currently on episode 21. I honestly don't know why I am continuing to watch Bullet Brain even though the story went nowhere and I hate almost all of the characters. I guess I am hoping that Ping On would wake up and be his nice self and help Tai Hei. However, that is probably just wishful thinking. The one character that I honestly liked turned into a horrible person. I should have known from the point when Eva Kim became the center character that this series wouldn't live up to my expectations. I feel like Sire has more screentime than even Wayne himself. She's not a horrible actress, but the character sucks. The only scenes that I find okay now are Mui Mui's scenes, since they stopped having flashbacks of Ping On and Tai Hei. The sales presentation was so interesting, and I thought the real series would be like that too. I wish Bullet Brain focused on cases and not people going crazy/turning inhuman. They should have just made the series exactly like the sales presentation. There isn't a need for a female character like Tavia portrayed, but a mother figure like Louise Lee would have been nice. Anyways, my conclusion? Don't watch Bullet Brain. Just wait  for a better series to be airing.