{music} Alfred Hui - The Times

I haven't done a music post in a really long time. I just wanted to share Alfred's new song for his concert The Times. The MV was pretty moving, and it even had Law Lan in it! 

{update} what up

Hey, I'm finally on winter break, so that means I might (or might not lol) be updating a little more frequently (and give more substance to my posts). 
I was praising Bounty Lady in my earlier post, but it has gotten significantly less funny now. It might just be that I want Kwong Nam and Jennifer to end up together, but I dislike how Yuen Huen's personality made a 180 degree change and she is now in the way of their relationship. I honestly just want to punch her in the face, lol. The end of episode 15 was really good, though, and I am excited to see how Kwong Nam and Jennifer's relationship is going to be like now. 
OC2 is almost over and it just started to get interesting again. Episode 28 was touching and all, but I still feel like Che Che is completely unnecessary to the storyline. Also, even though I like Tracy, they might as well have made a different drama and put Lawrence, Tracy, Koo Ming Wah and Louisa into it instead of forcing a bunch of other storylines into this one. I would have definitely preferred something with just Yu Tao and BenSuet. 

{update} hi

Hey guys, this is my monthly update on my blog to say that I'm still alive and watching TVB~ hahaha.
I'm still watching THC2 and I also started Bounty Lady...got to say that even though I didn't expect much from Bounty Lady, it is a lot more enjoyable than THC2. It's really funny without going overboard or cheesy (at least imo) and I'm so excited about the next episode after finishing one. Dayo really makes the series. THC2 on the other hand, finally picked up the pace now that Che Che isn't the focus of all episodes anymore. Even Yat Kin Tau and Yu Jai are going to be reconciling soon (I hope). I just really want Ben and Mei Suet to be happy together and not have Amber get in the way of their relationship. 
I also finished Will Power. I think there were complaints about the story and how it was unrealistic, but I enjoyed it. The characters' relationships were well built and not rushed at all. The only weird thing was the ending when Wilson and Morris were doing a case about a cat and dog... 

{update} some stuff about THC2 & WP

I started The Hippocratic Crush 2, and so far it's not so bad. Episodes 1-3 were okay, but 4 and 5 got better. I still don't like how there are so many characters in it now, but it's alright. As long as they focus on Fish Head a lot then it'll be okay. Anyways even though Onion's look doesn't really suit Him, he's still so cute. T-T So I made a banner with him on it lol. I'll probably change it sooner or later, either for a different THC2 thing or for Raymond's birthday which is coming up (in like a month). 
Will Power is still a good watch. I finished watching episode twenty the other day, and I was thinking how it was wrapped up all nicely but then I realized it had 32 episodes lol. I completely forgot about Sire and Jason...It seems Gilbert rapes Nana, and I'm pretty sure what's left after that is the Sung family finds out that Ka Ming is related to them. :/ 

{update} BK, WP

Wow I haven't updated for like a month, haha. I've actually been watching TVB, but too lazy to blog about anything hehe. Anyways, congratulations to Fred for winning VOS! So happy for him. :) And hopefully all of these unnoticed actors who participated will be promoted more~
I'm currently watching Brother's Keeper and Will Power. BK is sort of annoying me now, and I just skip through a lot of scenes. It sucks how Sam Sir and Rachel breaks up...ugh. And I feel bad for Ah Shun. :/ As for Will Power, it's not your typical legal drama and I really like it. The arguments in court are interesting, and although it's kinda slow, I enjoy it more than BK right now.

(also, too lazy to upload pics here but I have edits on my tumblr (fungyi.tumblr.com)

{tvb} 星梦传奇 Voice of Stars Ep 9

I haven't blogged about VOS for a while since MHK took over the timeslot for awhile, and then it got boring to me. However, this week's episode was all about songs from TVB series! I still wasn't interested enough to listen to the judging, so I'll just talk about my thoughts on the singing. haha

Gigi Ho (idk who she is) sang the subtheme from Karma Rider, which was originally sang by Denise Ho, then covered by Hubert Wu for the drama. To be honest, her version was not as good as Denise's or Hubert's... 
Ronald sang the subtheme for Moonlight Resonance. He's not as good as a singer as Suzanna Kwan, of course, but he did really well (imo). Even though I love Fred, I think it's too bad that Ronald doesn't get as enough attention as he does. Ronald's the only other contestant who has performed on all episodes of VOS, but you don't see any news about him at all. His singing is pretty good, so I really hope someone notices him enough to let his talent shine. 
Corinna sang a song by Danny Chan (that I didn't know lol), but she sounded pretty good. She wore a really weird dress, though. 
Yao Bin (I still don't know who he is...) sang one of my favorite themes/songs! haha He sang the theme from Shanghai Bund. It's such a classic, and he did a pretty good job. 
Grace Wong sang The Last Breakthrough's subtheme, which was originally sang by Raymond Lam. It's no doubt one of my favorite songs from him. Although she did a pretty good job, I didn't really like her ad libs haha. It's nice of her to do so, so it's not like she's just copying his version, but I like the original better. Also, I think that Mag Lam sang it better when she was a guest at LF's concert. 
Fred sang Triumph in the Skies' themesong! He already sang it at a function, so I wasn't as excited haha. But I always love his singing, and it was a great performance. 
Finally, Adam Ip (I never knew his name before haha) sang a really old song by Alan Tam for a series called The Turbulent Decade. I'm actually pretty surprised by his performance, since his voice was pretty good. It sounds like a cantopop singer from the 90s! haha I think the only reason he doesn't get any good roles in TVB is cause of his looks, to be honest. 

{tvb} TITS2 & AE Thoughts

The first few episodes were great, so I thought that TVB finally stopped screwing up their sequels, but I guess I was wrong. There were too many characters and subplots that it ended up being unbearable to watch. In all honesty, they should have gotten rid of half of the characters and made it less than 40 episodes. Although I like Sam, his treatment of Holiday made him almost unlikable at the end. I don't really see how he loved Holiday, and I preferred it if Holiday and Jayden ended up together. As for Issac and Summer, I could have done without Josie interfering in their relationship. Roy and Heather was alright, as were Jim Jim and Coco & Hero and Pink Pink. I wish TVB didn't have the Apple storyline and instead focused more on Jayden, whose scenes were cut. TVB should have been thankful that Chilam agreed to film for them instead of cutting his scenes out. I half regret watching the whole series, and the only good things that came out of it was the eyecandy that was Chilam and Him Law. LOL 
So far, I like the ancient storyline better. The cases were all pretty interesting, and I actually liked how it was all tied up to the state teacher's wrongdoings. The premodern period, on the other hand, has gotten to my nerves. I dislike how they gave Circle amnesia, and it really was weird how Tsau Fung "remembered" things that happened to Phoenix in the modern age. But the worse thing of all is Tin Tsau Ngan. Mandy is doing a good job, but I have nothing but hate for her character. It is illogical for her to be so angry at her older sister and be crazy enough to conspire with the person who killed her brother in law. To be honest, I only enjoy the scenes where Circle and Kwai jai are together.

{pics} Stevia filming Property Protector

Aren't they the cutest? I really hope they have a happy ending in this series!

{tvb} Voice of Stars Ep 6

I actually forgot that VOS aired yesterday, lol. Anyways, this week they changed up the format a little. I wasn't really paying attention when they were explaining it, but I'm pretty sure it's just past Voice contestants going against the current ones right now. 
Ronald was the first one to go up, and he paired up with Becky to sing against Stephanie Ho and Sheldon Lo (who is pretty cute btw). I think he did pretty well, and I really liked how his voice sounded in this performance. Yao Bin, who picked a pretty hard song, went up against Ryan Lau. Bob Lam paired up with Stanley Cheung to sing 最佳損友, an Eason Chan song and one of the few songs that I recognize on this show, lol. They were against Brian Tse, Penny Chan, and Kwan Gor (James Ng). And last, but not least, Alfred and Fred had a duet! hehe Since they are two of my favorites, it's sorta obvious that this was my favorite performance of the night. They sang Alfred's 青春頌, which wasn't one of my favorite songs of Alfred's, but it was a nice choice anyways. I think next week Wong Cholam is going to perform with someone~ But honestly this is getting kind of boring, so I'm just waiting for this show to end hahaha. 

{tvb} Triumph in the Skies 2 Ep 1-20 Thoughts

Usually the grand production series that TVB put a lot of effort into turn out disappointing, but luckily Triumph in the Skies 2 is has not failed my standards - yet. It's fairly interesting and the love triangles have not gotten on my nerves yet. However with the inclusion of so many characters, it seems like things are going to get a bit messy, and while we're pretty much halfway through the series, some of the more important characters aren't receiving enough screen time.
Since the first installment was ten years ago, I don't really remember the character dynamics. I pretty much only recall Zoe (Myolie Wu) liking Sam (Francis Ng), Issac's (Ron Ng) love triangle with Donald (Sammul Chan) and Zita (Michelle Yip) and Belle (Flora Chan) and Vincent's (Joe Ma) marriage. I honestly don't even remember Coco (Nancy Wu) or Roy (Kenneth Ma) that much. So, I'm only going to base my thoughts about the characters on what we've seen so far in the sequel. Sam gor is definitely my favorite. Even though Jayden (Chilam Cheung) is the cutest thing ever (besides Jim Jim), Sam is more likable. He's a great older brother not only to Issac but to Coco as well. I actually really liked watching Sam and Manna (Michelle Yim) scenes, since she advises him instead of him being everyone else's mentor or guide. I would prefer it if they just let Sam stay single throughout the whole series, though. I don't see him feeling any romantic inclinations towards Holiday (Fala Chen), and it seems he is still very much in love with Zoe. And honestly, Jayden and Holiday are cuter together, even though the way they started their relationship was rushed and weird. 
I like Ron a lot, so it's sort of a given that I would like Issac, haha. And I recall liking him in the first installment, so yeah... I just don't like how he's somehow going to get into a love triangle if he doesn't even like Josie (Kelly Fu).  Sam and Issac scenes are definitely my favorite in this series.
Roy is sorta boring right now. He finally broke it off with both his girlfriends, so he finally gets to develop with Head Jeh (Elena Kong). I don't really like him that much, though. 
Coco's storyline is just farfetched. I don't see how her best friend's boyfriend would be terminally ill while the best friend can't have children. I don't really like Coco that much, either. I only like it when Coco is with Sam, Issac, or Roy tbh. 
The new characters in the series aren't that bad. I really like Jayden and Ha Sun (Myolie Wu). It took a long time for Jayden and Ha Sun to repair their sibling bond, but it was worth it. The ending of episode 17 was really sweet, and the scenes in later episodes where Jayden tries to please Ha Sun were really cute. For new characters in a series, they don't get on your nerves. I just wish that TVB would have shown some scenes or explained more about why Ha Sun disliked Jayden for such a long time. Jayden and Holiday make a good pair and so does Ha Sun and Issac (although I have to say I preferred Issac and Zita LOL) [Also Ha Sun drinks way too much Vitamin Water. TVB should lay off the product placement, I swear her blood should be 99% Vitamin Water by now.]
I actually don't really like Holiday that much. She's cute and all, but I don't like her way of thinking. Even though I like her with Jayden and she had cute scenes during PPP, I don't like her. hahaha 
Pink Pink (Rebecca Zhu) hasn't had that much screentime yet. She looks good with Jim Jim (Him Law), but he's going to end up with Coco anyways. It seems she had a past (?) with Adrian (Pal Sinn) the owner of Skylette, but there hasn't been any information about that yet. I like Rebecca, so I'm looking forward to her scenes but so far she seems kinda useless.
Jim Jim is also one of my favorite characters. He's really nice to everyone and is so cute. His friendship with Hero (Ho Kwan Shing) also sorta reminds me of Donald and Issac, except they liked each other early on haha. 
One thing I dislike, though is the maintenance team. At first, they seemed like good brothers/friends, but after Ah B (Adrian Chau) applied to be a cadet, they got all prissy. Their friendship broke down easily, and it was pretty annoying. I don't like the focus on Ah B in the more recent episodes. He's such an annoying kid, and even though I like Adrian, I really dislike his character. He should just shut up with all his stupid singing and stop hating on Issac for no reason at all. If they didn't focus on Ah B, they could get more Sam or Jayden scenes, but it's too bad TVB is wasting precious episode minutes focusing on Ah B....

{tvb} Triumph in the Skies 2 Edits

I'll be writing up my thoughts on episodes 1-20 tomorrow, but for now here are some edits I made from caps in the series so far.

{tvb} 星梦传奇 Voice of Stars Ep 5

Before episode 5 aired in Hong Kong, Oscar wrote Fred a supportive message on weibo. hehe I really love their friendship, so I was so happy when I saw this. Oscar also appeared in this week's episode of VOS, but I don't know for what reason... 
The two new contestants this week are Bob Lam and Yao Bin (idk who they are). This week they only eliminated one person, and it was Aaryn Cheung. Ronald Law had the second lowest points, so I thought he was going to be out of the show for sure, but it didn't happen. (Anyways wow I didn't know he had a gf? hahaha) Everybody today was only in the 160 point range, but Fred got above 180! The audience was clapping and cheering for him very loudly, so looks like his popularity has skyrocketed. I'm so happy for him~ Anyways, I think next week is when some of the past contestants come back for another chance (I see Stanley Cheung in the previews) and Fred has a duet with Alfred Hui!! (one of my favorite HK singers LOL) 

{tvb} 星梦传奇 Voice of Stars Ep 4

Another week, another episode! This week's theme is assistance (or something like that) so the contestants sing duets with a friend. Lily brought Ngo Kanin, Fred brought Pal Sinn, Corinna and Grace paired up, and idk the other people's names (haha sorry! I recognize Ronald's partner though...) Interestingly enough most of the contestants didn't sing Cantonese songs and opted for Mandarin or English songs instead. 
There's not really much for me to say about this week's episode. Fred got the most points (again) so I'm very happy for him. :D I loved how Pal would argue against the judges for the points that they gave Fred, and then Miss Chan Chan said how it seemed like Pal was the one being judged instead of Fred. Pal seems like a funny guy, so it would be interesting to see him judge an episode instead of being just a guest. I enjoyed Ronald's performance a lot as well. hehe Also, I kinda feel sorry for Owen since it was his birthday but he got kicked out of the competition. :(
Anyways I wanted to share the theme for VOS with you guys. I can't embed it for some reason, so here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4cBy_uFL5I All I have to say is that it sucks. The song and the video suck.

{other} new tumblr

I made a sideblog for all my TVB/HK stuff since my personal one is pretty much all kpop now. hahaha 

{tvb} 星夢傳奇 Voice of Stars Episode 3

Yay, another week has passed so that means another episode of VOS! This time, Hacken Lee is one of the guest judges~
Oscar gets to sing first (again), and he put on a pretty entertaining performance. His singing was only so-so, and I think it's cause he picked a faster song and danced at the same time. If he chose an easier song to sing, then he would probably get more points and sing a lot better. Poor Oscar had to go film Tiger Cubs 2 as well, so he probably shouldn't have danced so much since his waist was hurting. (Seeing Oscar and Him's interaction was cute though! And LOL I have a matching Boy London sweater...) I guess it was just a matter of time before he gets off the show, and this episode was it. :( I really hoped to see him interact more with Fred, but Oscar was busy filming TC2. 
Wow, I never knew that Lily Ho could sing! She has a nice voice, and it's sorta obvious she's one of the better singers that auditioned (*ahem* Mandy, Benjamin, Stanley, Oscar...) I liked Ronald's performance too! If only he styled his hair better, haha. It's cute how when he was singing the song again with the judge, Amigo was mouthing the lyrics too. I always end up fangirling about Fred and praising him in these posts, so there's really no point in me writing the same things over and over again haha. But as usual, he gets the most points!

{tvb} 星夢傳奇 Voice of Stars Episode 2

Watch the second episode here.
The returning contestants
I know the judges didn't really like Oscar's performance, but I did. He was kind of nervous during his performance, because at functions where he performed live, his singing was better. Ronald was good, but I don't think his notes are powerful enough? Idk haha. 
Fred's performance was great as usual. Here's the link to his cut. His part was so touching, and being a Fred fan I'm really happy that he got invited to be a guest at Eric Moo's concert. I'm always saying this, but TVB really should Fred more chances. He's a great singer and he's fluent in English, something that a lot of TVB's promoted artistes last. Hopefully they'll realize what a great asset Fred is to the company. My favorite part of the episode was after Fred was given his score and all the other contestants were congratulating him. Oscar says "I'm proud, of you man" and it was the sweetest thing. They're one of my favorite pairs of best friends at TVB, so it's nice to see their bromance. 
It's interesting how Benjamin chose to sing a Mandarin song..he sang an English song last time. I wonder why he doesn't sing in Cantonese lol. I enjoyed his performance, but I guess his singing is just too average for the judges. I thought Stanley's performance was quite okay in the beginning, but it gradually got worse. The Aaryn kid is pretty talented, since he played they keyboard during his performance. (I wonder if Fred will play the guitar in a future performance...) Becky was amazing, but then again she was a vocal coach for ten years haha. The little screaming part at the end scared me though haha
It's not fun looking at the results, though, since there were already news articles about which contestants lost already. Benjamin and Stanley lost, and Fred and Becky ended up getting the two highest scores this episode. 

{tvb} ACOH/AL

I finally finished both A Change of Heart and Awfully Lawful today. I'm too lazy to write down all my thoughts in an organized post, though, so I'll just rant haha.
Well, for ACOH 30 episodes was definitely way too much. It started dragging in the middle, and I ended up fast forwarding through a lot of scenes because it got boring. There were a lot of unnecessary scenes, like Jack Wu's character being jealous about Oppa (Sammy Sum) and Tomato C (Rachel Poon)'s relationship. (I also thought that he would turn evil/is evil, but apparently not...) I feel like they bring up a lot of things about the minor characters and then forget about them a few episodes later. Sze Ka che (Mandy Wong)  pretty much disappeared after Siu Gat (Niki Chow) found out about her sleeping with Yuet San (Bosco Wong). They even somehow forget about Yuet San's great aunt at the end! Everyone showed up after the "1 year later" thing except her. 
My favorite pair in ACOH
Honestly, I disliked a lot of the characters. As usual, the female characters were written poorly, especially the lead. Instead of pitying her, I hated Siu Gat throughout the whole series. Disliking Fong Tai  (Joey Meng) seems more normal since she's the bad guy, I guess, but I did understand why she did all the evil things. I think I already said why I didn't like Sze Ka che in a prior post, but she got more bearable after she gave up on hooking up with Yuet San. The only female characters that I really liked were Ah Yan (Elaine Yiu) and Siu Fei (JJ Jia). As for the males, I actually liked Fong Chi Lik (Michael Miu) when he was still evil. His character was more entertaining, imo. Because of my bias, I liked both Yat San and Yuet San, but Eason (Vincent Wong) was my favorite character. The only male I disliked was Martin (Benjamin Yuen)...

I enjoyed Awfully Lawful a lot more than ACOH. Although I felt the last episode was sort of rushed, the whole series was entertaining. Episode 16 was my favorite, solely because of Honey (Grace Wong) and Jazz (Pal Sinn)'s camping adventure-date. I also loved the scenes that had all four male leads in them, their brotherhood was pretty nice. I would have to say that my favorite characters would be Solo (Roger Kwok) - his manner of speaking was quite interesting, and Elsa (Selena Li) who was very cute. Also, the little kids that played Felix and Louis were the cutest things ever! Especially Louis haha. 

{other} Fred Cheng on VOS

Do you guys recall my previous post about Voice of Stars? Well, I said that I thought VOS would be Fred's best chance at getting recognition. Well, today's news proved that I was right! 
Fred Cheng finally rises to popularity after his excellent singing performance on Voice of Stars. The story of Fred's ten years of hard work in the entertainment industry has caught a lot of attention from Netizens. - Mingpao
 Anyways, I'm so glad that more people are noticing Fred! TVB should start noticing him more now. I really really hope he wins VOS, or at least places very high since he's been waiting for a chance for so long. The preview for episode 2 was so touching. I can't wait to watch it!! 

{tvb} 星夢傳奇 Voice of Stars Episode 1

Finally after weeks of waiting, the first episode of 星夢傳奇 aired. I sort of skipped over the parts with people that I didn't really care for, and my Canto isn't that good so I didn't really understand the judges' criticisms. Anyways, the sole reason that I'm watching 星夢傳奇 is because of Fred and Oscar. 

I really think that 星夢傳奇 is Fred's best chance at being noticed by TVB and the Hong Kong audience. Even though he joined TVB years ago, his roles are now reduced to pretty much kelefe parts. His indie band, HOME, doesn't get a lot of recognition either. However, judging by how well he did in the first episode and the preview for episode two, Fred just might become the favorite (and hopefully win). I really love his singing, so I hope Fred gets far in the competition. 
I also like Oscar's singing, but imo it's not as good as Fred's. A few years back, I would have also complained about how Oscar got stuck with the delinquent, young guy roles, but after Tiger Cubs and L'Escargot, the audience seems to know him a lot better, and TVB has given him better roles. Oscar doesn't really need to compete in this since he's pretty popular now, but I do enjoy watching him support Fred. They've been friends for years, so hopefully they both do well in the competition together. It would be nice if they could have a special stage and sing a duet together, but that's probably not going to happen, haha. 

{update} New Header!

After more than half a year, I finally got around to changing my header! This time it's featuring Oscar Leung. :) It's super simple since I'm too lazy to make anything else. hahaha I can't wait for The Voice 4 to come out so I can listen to Oscar sing some more (and of course Fred!!). 
I'm currently watching A Change of Heart and Awfully Lawful. I'm too lazy to write my thoughts on this series in a normal post, though. ACOH is pretty boring and I find myself fast forwarding through scenes that don't have Siu Yiu (Bosco Wong) in it. To be honest, I'm not really liking Joey Meng's character, and I especially dislike Sze Ka (Mandy Wong). The audience is supposed to pity them (? well at least Sze Ka) but the only time I enjoy Sze Ka scenes are when they make fun of her. AL on the other hand is very entertaining. I especially love Elsa (Selena Li) and Solo (Roger Kwok). I really want to know what happened to Ming (Raymond Cho), so hopefully he comes back soon. 

{tvb} Slow Boat Home Ending Thoughts

Slow Boat Home was a lighthearted family series from the start, and that's how it stayed. Although it ended with a cheesy 'x years later' with everyone ending up happily ever after together, it was a satisfying ending. All the pairings that were meant to be ended up together, and they had a sickeningly sweet song performance at the end too. The ending was really cute, though, so it's okay if TVB ended it with a cliche haha. 

The best part of the series had to be the bromance between the three main guys (especially in the last episode). Shuttle Kei (Matt Yeung) didn't get as much screentime as the others, but he's my favorite. :) Although some of the characters ended up pissing me off, SBH is still entertaining enough to finish. Just don't expect something fresh and new from TVB, though. 

{tvb} Slow Boat Home Thoughts

I'm glad to say that Slow Boat Home is enjoyable so far. I'm quite fond of the lead actors, so that might be a major reason why I'm liking this series so far, but I also like it because it's simple and light hearted compared to the more recent TVB series (like Bullet Brain and Beauty at War). There's no interesting characterization, since they all seem like the typical TVB characters. Raymond Wong is Cheung Po Tsai, a hotheaded guy with no sense of responsibility, Aimee Chan as Kate/Po-po in her typical ABC role, Ruco Chan as Fit Wing,  the handsome professional and all around perfect guy, and Selena Li as Heidi, a career minded "evil" girl. Of course, Cilla Lok is the unbearable bratty and spoiled little girl who will inevitably realize her mistakes and be a good girl, and there's Mat Yeung as the nice boy who is in love with her. Raymond and Aimee make an okay couple so far, but their chemistry is nothing compared to that of Ruco and Selena. For their first time working together, they have amazing chemistry. Although Heidi started off unlikeable, I really like her and Fit Wing together. She's not an antagonist, which makes it a lot easier to like her character. :) I don't particularly like Cilla and Mat together, and it's mostly cause I don't like her character. Mat's just so so cute though, I really loved him in episode nineteen you guys should just watch it for him ajdlfjlskaf
When they first announced this series, I thought that it would focus more on songs, but I guess that's not what this series really was about. Cilla's character sort of sang, but I guess after her contract fiasco, she's not going  to sing in the series anymore... Anyways, if you don't know if you should watch this or not, you could just watch Ruco and Selena's scenes together. :) And maybe Raymond, Ruco, and Mat's scenes together, because their bromance is just so cute. 

{tvb} Beauty at War Thoughts

Beauty at War is a series that could make you confused easily, especially if you did not pay attention to all of the details. Also, some of it was pretty draggy, so I could see why this series did not get high ratings. While there were a lot of big names in the cast, their acting could not save an uninteresting script. 
The only relationship that I looked forward to watching was that of Muk Do Yee (Katy Kung) and Tung Kat Hoi (Kenny Wong). It was interesting to see how Muk Do Yee thought of Tung Kat  Hoi as her only friend to confide in, and the fact that Kat Hoi went to look for Muk Do Yee instead of escaping the palace spoke a lot about their relationship. It's too bad that their ending was left open-ended, but I like to think that Tung Kat Hoi caught up to Muk Do Yee and Ko Lau Fei. I liked this couple. 
The palace scheming is overdone, so I don't really want to talk about it haha. One thing I do wonder is what really happened to Master Wan (Eddie Kwan) when he went to Rehe to perform for the emperor. His wife  Ying Kam (Vivien Yeo) suffered so much because of him, and I think she's one of the characters that I pity the most in this drama. 
Anyways, thirty episodes is pretty draggy. Don't watch it if you don't have time to waste, lol.

{update} Bullet Brain, Beauty at War Thoughts

I finished Bullet Brain a long time ago but I never posted about it. The ending was pretty disappointing. They ruined Pau Ping On as a character, and it was quite stupid how they made Joanna die. It was weird how in the end Columbo doesn't age at all, and he's basically a monster. It's not worth watching, to be honest. If you want to watch Natalie do a good job though, maybe try finding cuts of her scenes. haha
I'm currently on episode 18 of Beauty at War. It's actually quite confusing if you don't pay careful attention to the plot haha. I don't think I'm going to put up my thoughts in an organized post, so this quick update will have to do. Anyways, there was a really weird scene where Lady Yue (Sheren Tang) was smelling Seung Ling (Ada Choi) because Seung Ling smelled like the 5th prince who died. The part right before was sad, and then it just turned into a 'wtf' moment for me. I could have done without that scene, TVB, thanks.

{tvb} Alfred Hui in Home Coming 回鄉

回鄉 actually aired last year, but I never got around to watching it, even though I was intrigued by the concept. However, I was reminded of this show by a post on tumblr. It turns out that Alfred is from Shantou, a Teochew province. Since I'm a fan of Alfred and my family is Teochew, this was something that I had to watch. :) Alfred is featured in episodes eight and nine. 

I'm sorta disappointed that Alfred didn't really speak Teochew and mostly spoke in Cantonese and Mandarin, but his Teochew was pretty cute in the end. :) He spoke with a Canto accent, but then again I speak Teochew with an English accent haha. It was great to learn more about my "home province." 

{update} Edits and Bullet Brain Thoughts

I made some edits from Oscar and Katy's old wedding pictorials, so I wanted to post them up. 

Anyways, concerning Bullet Brain, I'm currently on episode 21. I honestly don't know why I am continuing to watch Bullet Brain even though the story went nowhere and I hate almost all of the characters. I guess I am hoping that Ping On would wake up and be his nice self and help Tai Hei. However, that is probably just wishful thinking. The one character that I honestly liked turned into a horrible person. I should have known from the point when Eva Kim became the center character that this series wouldn't live up to my expectations. I feel like Sire has more screentime than even Wayne himself. She's not a horrible actress, but the character sucks. The only scenes that I find okay now are Mui Mui's scenes, since they stopped having flashbacks of Ping On and Tai Hei. The sales presentation was so interesting, and I thought the real series would be like that too. I wish Bullet Brain focused on cases and not people going crazy/turning inhuman. They should have just made the series exactly like the sales presentation. There isn't a need for a female character like Tavia portrayed, but a mother figure like Louise Lee would have been nice. Anyways, my conclusion? Don't watch Bullet Brain. Just wait  for a better series to be airing.

{tvb} A Great Way to Care Ep 16-25/Final Thoughts

I started watching this series with high expectations, and I was honestly disappointed. I've always liked this genre, but half of the series was about Jackson's dragged on love life. I read that the producer wanted to use AGWTC2 to promote Edwin, hence his many scenes. It's alright for him to try and promote Edwin, but it would have been better if Jackson's storyline had to do with psychology or the cases. Nobody wants to see more of a two-timing and nosy, annoying guy, but apparently the producer had other ideas.
I feel AGWTC2 was a waste of the good cast. Ko Lap Yan (Alex Fong) was barely in the episodes for being the first male lead, and it was even worse for Lois (Yoyo Mung); both of their screentime was minimal and only slightly increased in the last five episodes. 
Their relationship is pretty cute, though. I knew that Ko Lap Yan would end up liking her, and it was cute when all the other doctors called him Dai So. If the series had focused more on these two leads, it would have been more interesting, in my opinion, and not strayed off the topic of psychology. 
Ah Yan (Tavia Yeung) and Chung Sir (Ben Wong)'s story wasn't well developed, and their ending was rushed. The way that they started  their relationship was very subtle, and I'm pretty sure other viewers were confused when they found out Ah Yan and Chung Sir started going out. Apparently some of their scenes were cut out, which sucks since I thought they were cute together. Ah Yan's end was sad, but there would have been no good ending for her. It was sad that Chung Sir woke up from his coma the day that Ah Yan died. 
Jackson (Edwin Siu) got really annoying towards the end, especially when he started to cheat on Scarlett (Christine Kuo) with Jade (Aimee Chan). It doesn't even make sense why both of those nice girls like an annoying busybody like him. I have to admit that his random English phrases were funny (especially in episode 21), but it would have been better if he had less scenes. I wouldn't mind if he had his own series with a storyline like this; anything is better than having Jackson eat into the other cast's screentime. 
I liked Ken (Eric Li), Edgar (Oscar Leung), and Jackson's scenes together. I would have rather had the three 'brothers' appear together more than have Jackson relationship scenes. Honestly, Scarlett and Wong Nin Yuet (Power Chan) were pretty useless, and even Kei Gor (Li Sing Cheung) wasn't necessary. It was a waste for Ram Chiang and KK Cheung to be in the sequel again, too. Anyways, it was an okay watch. If you want to enjoy it, just skip through the Jackson scenes. The last storyline about Ah Yan was interesting, so just keep on watching just for it. 

{tvb} A Great Way to Care 2: Episodes 10-15

These few episodes have gotten more interesting, and it's too bad it took almost half the series to get better. There's still an unnecessary focus on Jackson (Edwin), but at least his relationship with Scarlett (Christine Kuo) is getting somewhere and he's not just pining after her. Also, I find myself liking Jackson again, and only because of the scene where he yells "what the hell?!" at Jade (Aimee Chan) in episode 15.
The main case was revolved around the Father and three brothers of the orphanage that Ah Yan lived in. I was glad that Wong Sai Bong (Oscar Leung) was finally getting some more screentime, and he played an important part in the case. He also found out the truth about his twin brother, Man Jai, who lived in the orphanage with Ah Yan (Tavia Yeung).
The police suspected Father at first for killing three pedophiles, but it turns out that he was covering for someone. They thought it was Ah Wai, who was molested as a child, but he died before they arrested him. 
To be honest, I think TVB made it too obvious who the real killer was. I figured it out when they gave their first hint, so I wasn't surprised when the police figured out who the murderer was. I feel sorry for Ah Yan, though, since she lost two (three if you count Man Jai) of her brothers in one go. There will be more of her background in the coming episodes, so I can't wait for her character to develop into a killer. It's too bad Yoyo and Alex don't get a lot of screentime...

{music} Adrian and Daniel Chau

I've been looking at videos on Youtube for the past few days, and I came across videos of Adrian and Daniel Chau singing at functions. I know they've got at least one official song out, but I wonder why there aren't any new songs coming from them... Is Adrian focusing more on acting now?

Being a Leehom fan, I always like listening to other artistes' covers of his songs. Forever Love is one of my favorite Leehom songs, too, so I'm glad they covered it. It's too bad that the fans ruin it by screaming the lyrics loudly (and at the wrong time, too). 

Your Love - They're so close it's cute. 


{pic} Always and Ever

Rebecca updated her Instagram today with a picture of the Always and Ever cast. They all look so cute, especially Bobby with his funny pose! This is my most anticipated series right now. hehe 

{music} Det Dik & Oscar Leung on JSG

This video is sorta old, but I only found it recently. Det Dik and Oscar Leung sang some of Ekin Cheng's old songs. My favorite has to be their performance of 極速, since they're both so cute during it, especially Oscar! haha I've been having Oscar feels these past days for some unknown reason...I think it's mostly cause of his character in AGWTC2. 

{tvb} A Great Way to Care 2 Ep 1-10 Thoughts

I didn't watch A Great Way to Care, so I have no idea how the characters and relationships were like. To be honest I am only watching AGWTC2 because Tavia is in it. hehe Anyways, in a sense, AGWTC2 is a bigger production that some of the more recent series. The main cast has many big names, and even the supporting cast is well-known. However, having a bigger cast means less screentime overall for everyone, and this is especially true for this series since it only has 25 episodes. It's a shame, and since the cases are dragging as well, there's not that many cases in this series. Well, here are my thoughts so far.

Ko Lap Yan (Alex Fong): Nothing much to say since he doesn't get a lot of screentime. I like his character though, since he seems serious but he jokes a lot too. He's also smart and helpful, so I hope he gets more focus soon, considering he is the lead...
Lois (Yoyo Mung): I don't have much thoughts about her yet, since she barely shows up. I do see her and Dr. Ko's relationship growing into something more than just colleagues, especially since her boyfriend Franco died. 
Jackson (Edwin Siu): At first, I found his character funny and refreshing. However, he just gets on my nerves now. He has way too many scenes compared to the leads, and he's such a nosy person. I hate how he pines away for Scarlet (Christine Kuo), and those scenes are unnecessary. I really hope Scarlet ends up with Sunny (Power Chan). haha
Jade (Aimee Chan): She's an okay character, nothing much to say. I feel like her character is only there to be Jackson's love interest, since she didn't really help during the Zeus case. 
Sam (Ram Tsang): I'm confused about his family matters since I didn't watch the first one. 
I like Eric Li and Oscar Leung's characters, and it seems that Oscar will get more focus soon? I don't really care for Christine Kuo's character, but I do hope Power's does better as his job. haha

Chung Sir (Ben Wong): He's a typical cop character. I do look forward to his pairing with Tavia though!
Lam Chung Yan (Tavia Yeung) I liked her Apple character! Always saying "ding" haha. She was really cute. Her normal self is alright, she's a regular go-lucky girl. She's still pretty spunky though. 
As for the cases, they were alright. I have to admit I didn't know who the real culprits were, haha. Szeto Fung really got on my nerves, though. 

{music} Raymond Lam's new MVs

My favorite new MV of his. It's sort of plain, considering the fact that EEG is just filming Raymond walking around, eating, etc. but it's cute. He's just dancing around at inappropriate times, but it's Raymond, so nobody thinks it's weird. haha After watching this video, I've come to the conclusion that he acts too cute for his age (which is a good thing for fangirls, I guess haha). Well, I got my Raymond feels back after watching this MV. 
EEG needs to find new filming places for their music videos. Having people dance in a warehouse is just weird, imo. Also, Raymond should fire his choreographer. Most of the dance moves made me cringe, LOL. I'm not fond of the weird all black armor suit he's wearing, plus he looks better in the tank and sweat pants haha. And I don't think the last shot of him walking to the camera was necessary, unless EEG wanted everyone to look at his crotch?
Again, another MV of him just dancing. In some hallway. EEG sure is spending some big money on his MVs... I like it when he sings in a deeper tone, though. hehe

{other} Instagram

TVB Artistes on Instagram
Adrian Chau - adrianccm
Bella Lam - bellabellalam
Benjamin Yuen - benontheroad
Christine Kuo - joyfulck
Christine Ng - christineng
Daniel Chau - danielchau928
Kristal Tin- tinyuilee
Lai Lok Yi - lokyilai
Matt Yeung - matyeung
Matthew Ko - mattkobe
Nathan Ngai - ngainathan
Rebecca Zhu - rebecca_zhu
Selena Li - selenalisw
Sharon Chan - sharonchanmanchi
Vin Choi - luvinow
William Chak - chakwilliam

I haven't seen a list of the TVB artistes that are on instagram yet, so I made one! It isn't complete, of course, since it's only the people that I follow. There are probably a lot that I haven't found yet, so yeah. Some of them haven't been updated for months, either, haha. But it's nice to see what the artists are up to. :) So, have fun stalking!

{tvb} Season of Love - Winter

Winter was an interesting storyline. Tung Nei (Myolie Wu) does not remember her life from when she was a teenager, so she asks Cho On (Kenneth Ma) for help. The whole time, I thought Cho On was her old boyfriend, but I was glad to be proved wrong. It was weird how Cho On fell in love with Tung Nei so easily, though, and it seemed like she didn't really like him that much, either. I actually liked the parts about Cho On and Uncle Shing better. 
I wish that they focused more on Cho On and his private detective agency as well. Cho On and Ming (James Ng) made a good team, haha. I wonder what happened to Ming and his girlfriend(?). I guess since only five episodes were alotted for winter, there wasn't that much time for the detective agency to be explained.
Well in the end, Cho On and Tung Nei still got their happy ending. Although not as good as autumn's storyline, winter still had some interesting parts. The weird part was how this series was ordered. I'm assuming that spring, summer, autumn, and winter are not in chronological order. This is because Cho On says that he has a girlfriend during spring, but during summer Ming was commenting on about how Cho On will eventually get to go out with a girl. 

{tvb} Season of Love - Autumn

Easily the best story of the whole series. Although the characters are unlikable people, you can't help but pity them and hope they find happiness. 
We first get a sense of how Chau Sang (Nancy Wu) was through a childhood episode. Her character was proud and unwilling to admit mistakes. To be honest, I did not like her character one bit. Although her actions were not terrible enough for her husband, Wai (Oscar Leung), to cheat on her, I did not exactly feel sorry for her. 
Things got interesting when Chau Sang somehow got a second chance with love. Time reversed, and this time instead of going to dinner with Wai, she got into the elevator with Simon (Vincent Wong). Chau Sang still did not learn her lesson when she was with Simon. By this time, I was hoping that Chau Sang just ends up being lonely for the rest of her life. 
However, she got her final (and third) chance with love. After a chance encounter, Chau Sang learned to think of others and became a good wife. This time, Wai was a bad guy who cheated on her, even though she did everything to please him. I admit, tears fell during the scene when Wai read Chau Sang's goodbye letter. However, three years later, Chau Sang did get the happy ending that she now deserved because everyone matured. 
Also, here's this picture of Chu On tailing Wai because I think it's funny.