{tvb} A Great Way to Care Ep 16-25/Final Thoughts

I started watching this series with high expectations, and I was honestly disappointed. I've always liked this genre, but half of the series was about Jackson's dragged on love life. I read that the producer wanted to use AGWTC2 to promote Edwin, hence his many scenes. It's alright for him to try and promote Edwin, but it would have been better if Jackson's storyline had to do with psychology or the cases. Nobody wants to see more of a two-timing and nosy, annoying guy, but apparently the producer had other ideas.
I feel AGWTC2 was a waste of the good cast. Ko Lap Yan (Alex Fong) was barely in the episodes for being the first male lead, and it was even worse for Lois (Yoyo Mung); both of their screentime was minimal and only slightly increased in the last five episodes. 
Their relationship is pretty cute, though. I knew that Ko Lap Yan would end up liking her, and it was cute when all the other doctors called him Dai So. If the series had focused more on these two leads, it would have been more interesting, in my opinion, and not strayed off the topic of psychology. 
Ah Yan (Tavia Yeung) and Chung Sir (Ben Wong)'s story wasn't well developed, and their ending was rushed. The way that they started  their relationship was very subtle, and I'm pretty sure other viewers were confused when they found out Ah Yan and Chung Sir started going out. Apparently some of their scenes were cut out, which sucks since I thought they were cute together. Ah Yan's end was sad, but there would have been no good ending for her. It was sad that Chung Sir woke up from his coma the day that Ah Yan died. 
Jackson (Edwin Siu) got really annoying towards the end, especially when he started to cheat on Scarlett (Christine Kuo) with Jade (Aimee Chan). It doesn't even make sense why both of those nice girls like an annoying busybody like him. I have to admit that his random English phrases were funny (especially in episode 21), but it would have been better if he had less scenes. I wouldn't mind if he had his own series with a storyline like this; anything is better than having Jackson eat into the other cast's screentime. 
I liked Ken (Eric Li), Edgar (Oscar Leung), and Jackson's scenes together. I would have rather had the three 'brothers' appear together more than have Jackson relationship scenes. Honestly, Scarlett and Wong Nin Yuet (Power Chan) were pretty useless, and even Kei Gor (Li Sing Cheung) wasn't necessary. It was a waste for Ram Chiang and KK Cheung to be in the sequel again, too. Anyways, it was an okay watch. If you want to enjoy it, just skip through the Jackson scenes. The last storyline about Ah Yan was interesting, so just keep on watching just for it. 

{tvb} A Great Way to Care 2: Episodes 10-15

These few episodes have gotten more interesting, and it's too bad it took almost half the series to get better. There's still an unnecessary focus on Jackson (Edwin), but at least his relationship with Scarlett (Christine Kuo) is getting somewhere and he's not just pining after her. Also, I find myself liking Jackson again, and only because of the scene where he yells "what the hell?!" at Jade (Aimee Chan) in episode 15.
The main case was revolved around the Father and three brothers of the orphanage that Ah Yan lived in. I was glad that Wong Sai Bong (Oscar Leung) was finally getting some more screentime, and he played an important part in the case. He also found out the truth about his twin brother, Man Jai, who lived in the orphanage with Ah Yan (Tavia Yeung).
The police suspected Father at first for killing three pedophiles, but it turns out that he was covering for someone. They thought it was Ah Wai, who was molested as a child, but he died before they arrested him. 
To be honest, I think TVB made it too obvious who the real killer was. I figured it out when they gave their first hint, so I wasn't surprised when the police figured out who the murderer was. I feel sorry for Ah Yan, though, since she lost two (three if you count Man Jai) of her brothers in one go. There will be more of her background in the coming episodes, so I can't wait for her character to develop into a killer. It's too bad Yoyo and Alex don't get a lot of screentime...

{music} Adrian and Daniel Chau

I've been looking at videos on Youtube for the past few days, and I came across videos of Adrian and Daniel Chau singing at functions. I know they've got at least one official song out, but I wonder why there aren't any new songs coming from them... Is Adrian focusing more on acting now?

Being a Leehom fan, I always like listening to other artistes' covers of his songs. Forever Love is one of my favorite Leehom songs, too, so I'm glad they covered it. It's too bad that the fans ruin it by screaming the lyrics loudly (and at the wrong time, too). 

Your Love - They're so close it's cute. 


{pic} Always and Ever

Rebecca updated her Instagram today with a picture of the Always and Ever cast. They all look so cute, especially Bobby with his funny pose! This is my most anticipated series right now. hehe 

{music} Det Dik & Oscar Leung on JSG

This video is sorta old, but I only found it recently. Det Dik and Oscar Leung sang some of Ekin Cheng's old songs. My favorite has to be their performance of 極速, since they're both so cute during it, especially Oscar! haha I've been having Oscar feels these past days for some unknown reason...I think it's mostly cause of his character in AGWTC2. 

{tvb} A Great Way to Care 2 Ep 1-10 Thoughts

I didn't watch A Great Way to Care, so I have no idea how the characters and relationships were like. To be honest I am only watching AGWTC2 because Tavia is in it. hehe Anyways, in a sense, AGWTC2 is a bigger production that some of the more recent series. The main cast has many big names, and even the supporting cast is well-known. However, having a bigger cast means less screentime overall for everyone, and this is especially true for this series since it only has 25 episodes. It's a shame, and since the cases are dragging as well, there's not that many cases in this series. Well, here are my thoughts so far.

Ko Lap Yan (Alex Fong): Nothing much to say since he doesn't get a lot of screentime. I like his character though, since he seems serious but he jokes a lot too. He's also smart and helpful, so I hope he gets more focus soon, considering he is the lead...
Lois (Yoyo Mung): I don't have much thoughts about her yet, since she barely shows up. I do see her and Dr. Ko's relationship growing into something more than just colleagues, especially since her boyfriend Franco died. 
Jackson (Edwin Siu): At first, I found his character funny and refreshing. However, he just gets on my nerves now. He has way too many scenes compared to the leads, and he's such a nosy person. I hate how he pines away for Scarlet (Christine Kuo), and those scenes are unnecessary. I really hope Scarlet ends up with Sunny (Power Chan). haha
Jade (Aimee Chan): She's an okay character, nothing much to say. I feel like her character is only there to be Jackson's love interest, since she didn't really help during the Zeus case. 
Sam (Ram Tsang): I'm confused about his family matters since I didn't watch the first one. 
I like Eric Li and Oscar Leung's characters, and it seems that Oscar will get more focus soon? I don't really care for Christine Kuo's character, but I do hope Power's does better as his job. haha

Chung Sir (Ben Wong): He's a typical cop character. I do look forward to his pairing with Tavia though!
Lam Chung Yan (Tavia Yeung) I liked her Apple character! Always saying "ding" haha. She was really cute. Her normal self is alright, she's a regular go-lucky girl. She's still pretty spunky though. 
As for the cases, they were alright. I have to admit I didn't know who the real culprits were, haha. Szeto Fung really got on my nerves, though.