{music} Raymond Lam's new MVs

My favorite new MV of his. It's sort of plain, considering the fact that EEG is just filming Raymond walking around, eating, etc. but it's cute. He's just dancing around at inappropriate times, but it's Raymond, so nobody thinks it's weird. haha After watching this video, I've come to the conclusion that he acts too cute for his age (which is a good thing for fangirls, I guess haha). Well, I got my Raymond feels back after watching this MV. 
EEG needs to find new filming places for their music videos. Having people dance in a warehouse is just weird, imo. Also, Raymond should fire his choreographer. Most of the dance moves made me cringe, LOL. I'm not fond of the weird all black armor suit he's wearing, plus he looks better in the tank and sweat pants haha. And I don't think the last shot of him walking to the camera was necessary, unless EEG wanted everyone to look at his crotch?
Again, another MV of him just dancing. In some hallway. EEG sure is spending some big money on his MVs... I like it when he sings in a deeper tone, though. hehe

{other} Instagram

TVB Artistes on Instagram
Adrian Chau - adrianccm
Bella Lam - bellabellalam
Benjamin Yuen - benontheroad
Christine Kuo - joyfulck
Christine Ng - christineng
Daniel Chau - danielchau928
Kristal Tin- tinyuilee
Lai Lok Yi - lokyilai
Matt Yeung - matyeung
Matthew Ko - mattkobe
Nathan Ngai - ngainathan
Rebecca Zhu - rebecca_zhu
Selena Li - selenalisw
Sharon Chan - sharonchanmanchi
Vin Choi - luvinow
William Chak - chakwilliam

I haven't seen a list of the TVB artistes that are on instagram yet, so I made one! It isn't complete, of course, since it's only the people that I follow. There are probably a lot that I haven't found yet, so yeah. Some of them haven't been updated for months, either, haha. But it's nice to see what the artists are up to. :) So, have fun stalking!

{tvb} Season of Love - Winter

Winter was an interesting storyline. Tung Nei (Myolie Wu) does not remember her life from when she was a teenager, so she asks Cho On (Kenneth Ma) for help. The whole time, I thought Cho On was her old boyfriend, but I was glad to be proved wrong. It was weird how Cho On fell in love with Tung Nei so easily, though, and it seemed like she didn't really like him that much, either. I actually liked the parts about Cho On and Uncle Shing better. 
I wish that they focused more on Cho On and his private detective agency as well. Cho On and Ming (James Ng) made a good team, haha. I wonder what happened to Ming and his girlfriend(?). I guess since only five episodes were alotted for winter, there wasn't that much time for the detective agency to be explained.
Well in the end, Cho On and Tung Nei still got their happy ending. Although not as good as autumn's storyline, winter still had some interesting parts. The weird part was how this series was ordered. I'm assuming that spring, summer, autumn, and winter are not in chronological order. This is because Cho On says that he has a girlfriend during spring, but during summer Ming was commenting on about how Cho On will eventually get to go out with a girl. 

{tvb} Season of Love - Autumn

Easily the best story of the whole series. Although the characters are unlikable people, you can't help but pity them and hope they find happiness. 
We first get a sense of how Chau Sang (Nancy Wu) was through a childhood episode. Her character was proud and unwilling to admit mistakes. To be honest, I did not like her character one bit. Although her actions were not terrible enough for her husband, Wai (Oscar Leung), to cheat on her, I did not exactly feel sorry for her. 
Things got interesting when Chau Sang somehow got a second chance with love. Time reversed, and this time instead of going to dinner with Wai, she got into the elevator with Simon (Vincent Wong). Chau Sang still did not learn her lesson when she was with Simon. By this time, I was hoping that Chau Sang just ends up being lonely for the rest of her life. 
However, she got her final (and third) chance with love. After a chance encounter, Chau Sang learned to think of others and became a good wife. This time, Wai was a bad guy who cheated on her, even though she did everything to please him. I admit, tears fell during the scene when Wai read Chau Sang's goodbye letter. However, three years later, Chau Sang did get the happy ending that she now deserved because everyone matured. 
Also, here's this picture of Chu On tailing Wai because I think it's funny. 

{tvb} Season of Love - Summer

Summer was indeed the most boring storyline. It was unfortunate that I could guess the ending right from the start, but at least it was sweet. Although the idea about having a 'The Bachelorette'-esque show was supposed to be interesting, I felt it was kind of forced. They made all the bad people the typical evil person. However, what surprised me was how Jack (William Chak) turned out to be a crazy guy. It was actually quite unexpected, since I always thought that Kei Kei (Lee Yee Man) was the one who threatened Summer (Kate Tsui) and tried to kill her.
Summer and CK's (Ron Ng) relationship was a typical rivals turned lover one. It was sweet how CK painted(?) a picture of Summer for her birthday present. It didn't make sense how the car that ran him over was going so slowly, but it ended up forcing him to amputate his leg.
Chloe (Iva Law) and Eric Li (I forgot his character's name LOL) were cute together, but the relationship was sort of rushed in my opinion. If it was written better and we got more background on their characters, it would have made a better story than Summer and CK's relationship.

{tvb} Season of Love - Spring

I started watching Seasons of Love as a filler series. Since it was a romance drama, I could just watch it without having to think a lot, haha. Well, the spring storyline was your normal hate turns to love relationship. It was too predictable throughout the series, and my favorite scenes ended up being the Kenneth Ma cameos, lol.

Him Law as Season: To be honest, I mostly him for superficial reasons. He's just the regular cocky yet filial guy that the main girl always ends up falling for. He's a good guy, though, but I didn't love Season BB. He was certainly hot in the working out scenes, and handsome in all of his scenes. I liked his scenes with Kenneth the most, though.
Toby Leung as Chun Fung: I pitied her for most of the story, but that's to the extent of my feelings toward her character. She's a good sister, and a good person. There's not really much to say about the typical tom boy character TVB writes.

Other thoughts: Yay for some Nathan Ngai eyecandy scenes, lol. I thought that they would have elaborated more on his feelings for Fung's younger sister, but I guess TVB didn't care about his character enough.

Spring wasn't to my taste, and I read that Summer was pretty boring. Oh well, I'm just waiting for Kenneth's story to unfold anyways, so hopefully I won't get too bored watching Ron and Kate.