{movie} I Corrupt All Cops

I haven't done a movie post in quite a long time...well if you guys remember my Laughing Gor one, I mentioned that I watched a lot of HK triad/cop movies. Although they're almost always the same plot over and over again, they're my favorite genre. hehe 
Basically, the plot was that 90% of HK's police force is corrupted, and so the ICAC was formed. That was pretty much the whole plot. haha But it was actually played pretty well, considering Wong Jing movies aren't that good lately.  I really liked the main cast though: Anthony Wong, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Eason Chan, Bowie Lam, Alex Fong Lik Sun, and Wong Jing.
What surprised me though was that somehow there were a lot of TVB artistes in this movie, even though it wasn't from the Shaw Brothers. 
In addition to Bowie (who was the head of an ICAC branch), Kate Tsui was Eason Chan's 4th wife. The bigger roles had Timmy Hung as a cop, Kenny Wong as some random gangster guy (a useless role as always), and this veteran who I can never remember his name as Alex Fong's uncle. What was weird though was that Gill Mohindepaul Singh had a cameo in this movie. He was in jail, and he switched his food (curry and chicken btw, how racist TVB) with this corrupted British officer's food (some chewy steak apparently). It was funny though. 
The thing is, the most enjoyable plot line was Gale (Eason Chan) and his professional/romantic life. Although I usually do not like Kate's character, I liked the scenes she were in the most. She was sweet and kind, unlike some of the recent roles that she has in TVB series.

{music/TVB} HOME at Music Battle

Super good quality from TVB's Youtube channel! :) I'm so glad they uploaded this, cause on tvb.com you have to be in Hong Kong to watch it. -.- Anyways, they performed a lot of songs that I never heard yet, so I'm super glad I checked HOME's FB page. lol I really love Fred~

{tvb} News/Rant - Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung Leads Newcomers in New Series

Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung Leads Newcomers in New Series '36 Hour On Call'
Source: Apple Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/
      This year TVB is determined to train newcomers into shooting series. Besides the sequel to Triumph in the Skies using newcomers, Producer Poon Ka Tak is planning to cast newcomers for heavier roles in his new doctor series 36 Hours On Call. The series is temporarily set for Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung for the leading roles. 
     It was said that TVB hopes to speed up the training on the new generation FaDan and Siu Sangs in the next half year to handle the demands of the future series. Not only does TVB plan to select newcomers from the acting class, but also recruit new talents from other areas to join in on the plan to promote newcomers. The group of newcomers will not only have the opportunity to shoot series, but also be arranged to enter the movie industry and shoot movies. TVB hopes to boost them into fame in the shortest amount of time. Like The Voice singer Mag Lam, TVB gave her several opportunities to develop in different areas. She is currently the one artist that will surely be well-known and considered as one example of TVB's success in promoting newcomers.
WARNING: This is just a random rant, so you guys don't have to read it, and instead just enjoy the news.
WTH? They just had 3K, and now TVB wants them in the same series again??? Please change the cast... not only do I not like the Kenneth-Tavia pairing, but who cares about newcomers? Why can't TVB just be content with the people they have now? We all know that none of the new MHK, Mr. HKs or especially Mag Lam will be any good at acting, so why try forcing them down viewers' throats?
EDIT: Hm okay, wow thank you Kenneth for confirming that you and Tavia will really film this. AGH. I'm just hoping that since TVB is so...TVB, they'll at least put Fred in this. I mean, if they make Fred a high school student after so many years, they can make him a medical intern. But then again, it takes around ten years to become a doctor, so he's around the correct age anyways. And preferably they have Oscar too. Plus Jason and Him. You know what, how about TVB have no female newcomers, cause I don't really like any of them, except Katy, if you still count her as a newcomer.

{other} Happy Birthday Leehom!

Hm it's too late for where Leehom is, but for me it's still the 17th of May. hehe So to my favorite guy, happy birthday and best wishes! ♥

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{artwork} FY & Fred Icons

Eh I was bored, and I haven't made icons in a long time, so here are some new ones. I really miss FungYi. *sigh* And there are never enough pics of Fred. :(

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{music} 天堂 MV

Hee hee after some more browsing on YT, look what I found! :D A HOME MV~ Apparently the song is supposed to be for some movie. I saw the trailer and it looks kinda weird? But Fred's supposed to be the main character, so I dunno.

EDIT: HOME posted on their FB page a live version of this song! 
天堂 (LIVE)

{other} Recent Update

Heh, I got kinda tired of Ron and all the black-ness.
And since I'm feeling bad about not watching YSSS when Tavia didn't even appear yet (and plus I like this picture of her) Tavia's on the new banner! :D

I decided not to write an Only You review anymore cause I'm super lazy and it's too old now to review. Also, I'm not watching Yes Sir, Sorry Sir anymore. Stupid K4, I want to punch them in the face, esp Cilla's character. I don't get why anybody would like her. So now I'm only going to watch the Fred parts when I have the time.

{music} Music Cafe

FRED~! ♥ haha I love his voice (and him)!