{pic} Taro Birthday Party!

It's the lovely time of the year when Tavia and Ron have their joint birthday party! I'm glad that they finally had this party together~ Well it was sweet when Ron visited Tavia on set to celebrate their birthday last year,  but it doesn't hurt to give the fans a lot of pictures of Taro together, right? :D

To be honest, Ron doesn't look as happy as he did in the past. I'm pretty sure its because of all the rumors and stuff the media has written about him. However, he does look happier than he does usually with Tavia by his side. I'm just glad that they're still close enough friends to celebrate together.

{tvb} Tiger Cubs Thoughts

I finally finished Tiger Cubs last night. :) I have to concur with everyone else that this is one of the best series of the year so far, even if I barely watched any this year. Most of the actors did well, with the notable exception of Christine Kuo. Although I can barely understand Cantonese, even I think her pronunciation was bad. Her English was no better, and the crying scene in episode 6 was too horrible to be even called acting. I'm quite upset that Wai Wai (Christine) and Ah Yuen (Oscar Leung) ended up together, and I just skip most of their scenes together. 

The best part of the series to me was the brotherhood of the SDU team. It wasn't bromance, but pure brotherhood and loyalty. At the end where [spoiler] Ah Hin (Vincent) died, the flashbacks of Ah Hin and Ah Lai (Him Law) together were so heart touching [end spoiler].  However, one thing did bother me though. When the SDU members "found out" about how Wai Wai ditched Chin Sir (Joe Ma) for Ah Yuen, Ah Sing (Benjamin Yuen) went full on crazy. Sure, you are not supposed to steal your brother's girl, but he never listened to Ah Yuen's side of the story first. If they really were brothers like he claimed, he would listen to what Ah Yuen had to say instead of attacking his character. 
I'm glad that romance was not a big feature of Tiger Cubs, because the relationships were not that well written. Chin Sir and Madam Chong (Jessica Hsuan) were kind of forced. I think they match more as friends, and it was weird how fast Chin Sir started liking Madam Chong. I'm sure you guys already know how much I dislike the fact that Wai Wai and Ah Yuen got together, so let's skip over that. The funny thing is that while Ah Keung (Mandy Wong) and Ah Lai made a cute couple, I thought Ah Keung had a crush on Chin Sir in the beginning. 
As for my favorite case, I think it would either be the first one with the King of Thieves To Tin Yue (Kenneth Ma) or the third case when Ah Lai's father gets kidnapped. I have to say that the beginning cases were more interesting than the last ones. The last episode was a good wrap up, even if there were some questionable scenes. Like a lot of other people, I cried when Ah Hin died; although it was a noble death, it was sad nonetheless.
And of course, my favorite character is Ah Yuen. He's a great brother, friend, and colleague. The only character flaw that I think he has is his taste in girls. (Really, he could have any girl he wants and he picks Wai Wai...) I've always loved Oscar, and I'm glad that he got the role of Ah Yuen. His winks captured a lot of girls' hearts, and his popularity has gotten higher now. Hopefully he will get bigger roles from TVB now. 

{update} New Header ft. Raymond Lam

New banner cause I got tired of the Ruco one. :) I just realized that this is my first banner with solely Raymond on it. And this is one of my faves. haha 
His new album isn't all that bad. I wonder why the theme for Three Kingdoms wasn't on it though. 

{other} Tumblr?

hehe I made a tumblr for my edits (TVB and Kpop). It's faster to update than blogger. I'll still be posting here though. :) 
I was planning on making more stuff before I opened it so my page doesn't look so sad and lonely, but oh wells. 
I need more TVB blogs to follow. All the ones that I follow on my personal ones are either Kpop or my irl friends. haha 

{pic} Reunited!

Haha I couldn't resist posting this picture up. The Three Kingdoms people are reunited in the future~ Hopefully Johnathan Cheung gets a lot of screentime! haha 
I can't wait for AGWTC2! :) I'm not a fan of sequels like these where they get rid of most of the main characters, but I like series with cases in it. In this picture, Tavia doesn't look that bad, but in other ones her makeup looks horrible. D: Good thing this is just her undercover attire. 

{tvb} TV Funny Ep 15

Also known as <玩轉三周1/2>.  Now, I've been watching it these past weeks, and none of the skits were that amazing (except the second skit in episode 6, that one was so funny). However, I was anticipating the TV City skit because of that fact that many of the TVB artistes would be in it. It was too bad that the parts in TV City weren't that long. D: 

BUT. One good thing did happen. This.
Hehe. Now I want a series with Ron and Raymond Wong in it. 
Well, I really liked Raymond Lam's part too, he was so cute. :) Too bad I couldn't find his cut of the episode. Well, there was one tiny part with 2R that I had to cap from Ron's cut though. 
Blurry. But I don't care, its 2R.  

More caps of Ron and Ray W. 

{tvb} Three Kingdoms RPG Thoughts

Twenty-five episodes of pure, wholesome bromance goodness. That's pretty much what I'll remember from Three Kingdoms, honestly. That and how Lau Ka Ho hates the FungYi pairing.
Szema Shun and Chukot Leung are a pretty unique pairing. I think they make a better couple than Chukot Leung and his wife LOL. Their scenes are pure bromance, through and through. First, Szema Shun gets drunk at Chukot Leung's wedding (jealousy? haha) and when Chukot Leung thought Szema Shun died after he got shot by the arrow and fell off the cliff...man. Those tears immediately came. Later when his wife got really sick and they thought she was going to die, Chukot Leung wasn't that sad. And in episode 22 when they parted, it definitely looked more like lover separating than just friends. 

And you can't talk about this series without mentioning Fan Gan and Szema Shun. When Fan Gan first appeared, I thought he was just going to be an extra, but I'm glad that I was wrong. Johnathan Cheung is perfect as Fan Gan, and his character is so loveable. Loyal, trusting, and a great friend, who wouldn't want to be his friend?? Kenneth and Johnathan are too cute together. 

Anywho, the bromance scenes are a good thing (including those of Lau Bei, Kwan Yu, and Cheung Fei), but it makes me sad that Ron wasn't in it. I've been watching 2R MVs on Tudou lately, and my 2R feels are killing me. I would watch Szema Shun and Chukot Leung scenes (as well as Szema Shun and Song Yau) and be sad that Ron wasn't playing Szema Shun instead. I mean, Kenneth did a good job and he fits the character, but I can't help but think that Ron would have been a better fit. Of course, Lau Ka Ho had to have a MOL reunion (but the pairings are wrong T_T).

Ending Spoilers (because I have to talk about the ending): Stupid stupid Lau Ka Ho and his sad endings. Of course, this was finished before WI, so he had to add salt to the wound by killing Hui Sir after killing Szema Shun in TKRPG. :( First, he doesn't even give the audience a summary of what happens to Chukot Leung and everyone else and just focuses on Szema Shun in the present/future. Those people have lives too, you know. I want closure! And now the ending. Song Yau somehow comes through the blue light thirty years later right after Szema Shun dies. And she still looks young. wth. I'd like to think that she didn't really go to the future and it was all Szema Shun thinking while he was dying. And that Song Yau marries Fan Gan (eh not really possible considering Fan Gan wouldn't be with his good brother's girl) because he's a good guy. Also, I'm still pissed Song Yau is such a boring character.