{update} some stuff about THC2 & WP

I started The Hippocratic Crush 2, and so far it's not so bad. Episodes 1-3 were okay, but 4 and 5 got better. I still don't like how there are so many characters in it now, but it's alright. As long as they focus on Fish Head a lot then it'll be okay. Anyways even though Onion's look doesn't really suit Him, he's still so cute. T-T So I made a banner with him on it lol. I'll probably change it sooner or later, either for a different THC2 thing or for Raymond's birthday which is coming up (in like a month). 
Will Power is still a good watch. I finished watching episode twenty the other day, and I was thinking how it was wrapped up all nicely but then I realized it had 32 episodes lol. I completely forgot about Sire and Jason...It seems Gilbert rapes Nana, and I'm pretty sure what's left after that is the Sung family finds out that Ka Ming is related to them. :/