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I've put off blogging this whole week cause I've been so lazy. lol After coming back from French Camp Sunday afternoon, I just kind of ran out of energy to update, and instead I played games. lol And then of course I had a lot of homework: papers, projects, etc. But now I'm in a good mood cause finally Shawn Yue's new song came out. :D

So I was thinking of changing my layout, but to what, I wonder...?

And now, a random picture.

Shawn and Fala .... When was this??

{music} What is Love (2011) - Chilam Cheung

What is Love - 張智霖

01. 冧爆你
02. 反斗奇兵
03. 戀上外星人
04. 秘密樂園
05. 究竟海有幾深
06. 劃火柴的男人
07. 愛到底是甚麼 (國)
08. 深愛著你
09. 你是奇蹟 (國)

Is it just me, or is the cover giving off a 80's vibe? haha I really like how they wrote 2011 on the cover though. :D 
And I totally did not know that this came out last week... :/ What a bad fan. But, I can say that I liked all his songs. :) I really loved Toy Story because it was especially made for his son. haha I'm a sucker for these types of sweet stories.

{music} My Private Selection - Linda Chung

My Private Selection (New & Best Selection) - Linda Chung
New Songs
1. If You Want Me
2. 得閒找你
3. 囉唆
4. I’ll be Waiting for You 
This isn't coming out until the 25th, but somehow all the new (unplugged) songs are already out?
Okay, first of all, her album cover looks so weird. I saw some other pictures from her CD photo shoot, and they were all better than this one. I mean, it's a really weird angle to put lipstick on. What gives?
Anyways, I thought this would be an EP when I heard it would have only four new songs, but it turns out to be a new and best collection. I thought there was some unwritten rule that an artist must have more than a few CDs/EPs before they can come up with a collection CD, but I guess not anymore. She barely had any songs in the first place; it's like they took half the songs from each of her CDs to put into this "collection". I'd rather that this was an EP... it seems Star Entertainment is becoming like EEG, milking money out of their artists. 
Her new songs are nothing special, and the only one that I like is I'll be Waiting for You, and only cause I like the English lines. haha

{pics} FungYi @ 3K

I was in a need of a FungYi fix, hence the pics.

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

I'm glad Kenneth wasn't there to promote 3K... more FungYi for us. ;)

{tvb} Only You Thoughts Episodes 3-8

I'm really liking Only You so far. The main storyline is interesting, and I can't wait for more scenes of Yoyo and Kevin. I really like their characters, and I might even become their fans because of this. haha I just wish the series has a little more focus on them.

Hm well as for the mini-storylines, however, they were kinda meh. The only wedding couple that I liked was Leanne and Eddie Lee. Macy and Ruco's story was too unbelievable for me and was pretty much a cliche. It was okay to watch though cause of the action part. Then Charmaine Li and Jason's was pretty boring, so I ended up fast-forwarding through the scene when they were in the hopsital. ahaha Now I'm onto Vin and Lee Yee Man's story. I'm kinda wondering what's wrong with 'Miki' because in AP Psych we just finished learning about psychological disorders and therapies. :D 

EDIT: Just realized that I forgot the funniest storyline so far. So, Yoyo and Johnson used to go out, and one day they meet up again. He wants her to sign away something (I don't know what it's called in English lol.) and he misleads her into thinking that he still likes her. Later she finds out that he was lying to her and demands for her money back. 
She starts working for Only You now, and it turns out that Johnson and his rich fiancee, Claire, want to hire Only You's services. Claire tells Kristal that she'll only hire Only You if Yoyo is her assistant, and she tries to treat Yoyo badly because she finds out that Johnson gave Yoyo money. She steps on Yoyo's arm while she's trying on a wedding gown, but then Yoyo pushed her and she fell down. She lies and said that she can't walk anymore and sues Only You. Yoyo tries to make Claire not sue them, but Claire doesn't want to give in. Later a thief steals her purse and then she runs in really high heels and tackles the thief. Yoyo got that all on camera...lol. I really like this storyline.

{other} Rant

Ugh I feel like I need to vent out somewhere, on both what happened to Raymond and about Return to the Three Kingdoms.

I'm pretty sure most of you guys have already read/heard about it, but if not, here's the link: Article
Okay, so I'm disappointed. Not disappointed in Raymond (he's a normal guy, you can't blame him. In fact a lot of guys are way worse than him...), but in his "fans" and his ex. First of all, I can't bring myself to reply to some of these so called fans' posts. Do you really think that girl is a sweetie? Okay, I'm sure that she must have at least one good point (cause Raymond did like her at some point in time), but she freaking took pictures of him while he was asleep and unaware. And I'm pretty sure she leaked them out to get more press and get more jobs. Really, if somebody did that to you would you still call them sweet? Just because she's pretty and has a good education* doesn't mean that she's sweet. And then there are some other people that are saying that he shouldn't feel too bad about it. Okay, geez, then why won't you feel too bad about it when it happens to you?

Here's something from the article that I also want to talk about: 
"Charlene Choi worked with both Raymond and Mavis in Jade and Pearl, and does not have much of an impression on Mavis. She said that she thinks Mavis betrayed Raymond and sighed that Raymond met a bad person. As for herself, she is very confident with her current boyfriend (William Chan) and her past lovers. She feels that they definitely will not betray them. At the JSG recording, Raymond appeared full of emotions and had a hoarse voice. He is grateful of Charlene for her support, but regarding to Charlene's comment about him meeting a bad person, and got betrayed by Mavis, Raymond said: "Don't say it like that, don't have too much speculations."

Okay, I'm sorry, but I think that Charlene is right. Mavis betrayed his trust, and I think it's fair for Charlene to say that. Raymond has too much EQ, if I were him I would definitely agree with Charlene right away. *sigh* 

On to another topic, man do I hate Lau Ka Ho. Why do you insist on making an MOL2-ish series? And why do you have to make Kaki Raymond's wife and Tavia a maid? I know it's not Kaki's fault, but I really disliked her in E.U. (what a stupid character) and now she's going to my unlike list once again because a stupid producer doesn't know how to assign people characters. Gah... so I guess it really is a Kenvia pairing this time. Hopefully Kenneth isn't a perv in this series, and that his clothing looks better than it does at the costume fitting. Plus, please don't make him some comedic character. Because that just makes him a lot worse; he should be more serious. 

*Talking about educated people, did you guys watch that video of the UCLA racist girl? 
Just wow, some people are so ignorant it's not even funny. I'm so glad I'm not going there. 

{tvb} Only You Beginning Thoughts

I'm not watching GOF for awhile cause I like downloading tons of episodes and marathoning them instead of watching one episode a day, so this is why I switched to watching Only You.

I only watched the first two episodes, but they were really interesting! I'm glad I listened to lee because imo, it's way more interesting than a lot of the new series TVB has. I like how they have mini-storylines, because that means the scriptwriters won't have to drag out the love relationships.I really like Yoyo in this series, and although I wouldn't want Pheobe to be my sister-in-law, I like Kristal's portrayal of her. Kevin still hasn't appeared yet, but it seems he's likeable? 

One thing though, is why are their English names so weird? Summer isn't a boy name, and Rainbow isn't even a name! I wonder how she survived her school years...

{tvb} Rippling Blossom End Thoughts, Grace Under Fire Beginning Thoughts

The Rippling Blossom
Yeah, so I totally gave up on this series. I might rewatch it later on,  but there are no guarantees. I just got tired of it, so I only managed to watch episodes 1-12 and 20. (Hey, I had to know how it ended. XD) 

Basically, a lot of scenes are really boring and/or uninteresting. The only ones that I looked forward to were the ones with Tavia and Chilam, Tavia and Pierre, and Tavia and Ken. Myolie and Chilam scenes were okay, but I didn't really care to watch because the theme video spoiled their ending anyways.

Grace Under Fire
I didn't think that I would be starting this, but I was curious. Plus, I like martial arts series. lol And there's Fala, of course. There are actually a lot of supporting actors I like too. 

Anyways, I just started Episode 1 today. And it's okay, but there are two things that I don't like. For some weird reason, Liu Xuan's face is annoying, and I really hate Kenneth's hair. And it seems he's not the only one, because Dominic's hair looks pretty funny as well, plus Kenny's fake white hair looks stupid. The dubbing for Liu Xuan isn't that bad; the voice fits her and she was speaking Canto while filming so the words match her lip movements. I'm looking forward to the Bosco scenes because his character seems interesting. Kenneth's on the other hand, while he might be okay in a drama, he would probably have no friends in real life.

{music} First - Raymond Lam

Raymond Lam - 第一次
(This is the back cover...I'm using it cause it looks better than the real cover. haha)

01. 再一次
02. 太熱了
03. 讓我愛你一小時
04. 換個方式愛你
05. 不想讓你失望
06. 吻過吸血鬼
07. 愛在記憶中找你
08. 一直都在
09. 我們很好
10. 長假期

I listened to the CD twice during the weekend, and my thoughts*? I'm hoping it grows on me. But you guys can judge it for yourselves. lol  A really big disappointment though is that most of the songs are just his old songs but in Mandarin. I kinda knew there would be old songs, but I didn't realize there would be this much. :(
Also, I really want to know who takes the pictures for his CDs. Cause some of the pictures in this one are kinda creepy.  

*If you want better thoughts, plus lyrics, go to lee's blog. :)

{other} Favorites List

I didn't really write much in my "About Me" page because I was lazy when I first opened this blog. After some thought, I decided to write more, thus the reason for this post. ;) Basically, I only have eight favorite people. I Googled up a 'real definition' of favorite and here it is: "something regarded with special favor or liking", so I guess that's my definition.

Although I can't really say who I like better than who for the whole list, I know that my top three will never fluctuate. Their names are in bold. :D And the whole list is in alphabetical order by last name. 

Chen, Fala
I always feel good about myself regarding liking Fala because I've liked her waaay before Moonlight Resonance. I'm not really sure how I started liking her, though. haha

Chung, Gillian

I started liking Gillian after watching The Monkey King a long time ago. haha I know a lot of people don't like her, but I think she's a nice person.

Lam, Raymond

No justification needed, right? (Even though I do complain about his stuff a lot...)

Liu, Bernice
Bernice is really sweet and I love her personality. I know I rarely talk about her, but I like her a lot. 

Ng, Ron
He used to be my number one favorite years ago, but now it's changed. lol

Wang Lee Hom

Do I really need to write something here? haha

Yeung, Tavia
See above. :)

Yue, Shawn
This should be a surprise to most, if not all, of you guys. haha The only time I mentioned him ever was in the previous post about Rule #1. Well, I've watched a lot of his movies, and he's definitely my favorite HK movie actor. (Raymond doesn't count cause all his movies suck.)