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Well as you guys can guess by the lack of posts, I've pretty much given up on this blog. I'm still watching TVB series daily, but I don't have the motivation to post my thoughts about them anymore. I won't delete this blog, but don't expect any updates either haha (not like anyone reads this blog anyways). I'll still be running my TVB tumblr though, so you guys can catch me at fungyi.tumblr.com :D 
And anyways, here's a quick edit that I did today since it's Tavia's birthday~ 
Goodbye for now.

{other} Liebster Award

I got tagged by Lynne (from TVB Horizon) this time! Thank you~ Although I'm not going to tag anyone. :P
1. Your favourite tvb themesong.  Leave a link if you can!
This is so hard since I love like all of the themes that Raymond Lam sang LOL. But I'm going to put the theme from "Point of No Return" instead. I just love Chilam's voice~ 
2. Create a character you'd like to see in a TVB series! (occupation, personality, who'd you want to play it etc)
Honestly, I would like a character like Professor Yukawa from Galileo. While TVB attempted to write someone like him for "The Mysteries of Love," Professor King was a joke compared to Yukawa sensei. I just want someone who is logical all the time and really smart. I think Steven Ma would do a good job with this character. 
3. What is your favourite post that you've written? Leave a link!
I don't really like any of my posts, but I thought my Pang Sam Shun post was okay.
4. Your favourite drama from last year.
Hmm there were a lot of dramas that I liked but I don't have a real favorite. I'll just say Always and Ever.
5. Tell us one memorable scene from the drama you answered for number 4.
A memorable scene was when Rebecca and Pierre were reunited again, but then he died shorty after. :/ 
6. Tell us an embarrassing moment that you've experienced. OR if you're not too interested in sharing that, what is your favourite flower? haha
LOL. I tripped in front of my friend last summer cause I was busy staring at some guy :( 
7. Most inspiring quote from a drama
I don't really remember quotes from dramas. :/ 
8. I know there would be lots, but name one retired TVB actress AND actor that you would like to see back onscreen again and WHY?
Retired as in they're old and not acting anymore, or they left TVB? I'm going to pick the latter since I don't really pay attention to all the veteran actors. I would like Bernice to come back and film for TVB. I recently rewatched TMOL, and it would be nice for her to be in a series with Tavia and actually have scenes together. As for actor, Dicky Cheung? LOL. I haven't watched any of his series in forever, and it would be nice to see him again (in Journey to the West 3?? haha He might be too old to play Sun Wukong though...)
9. Your favourite place you've visited.
idk, I don't really have one. :P 
10. Your favourite onscreen partnership (does not have to be a couple).
Definitely FUNGHEIYI!! My OT3~ I really hope that the three of them get to film a series together again one day. TOB was such a long time ago. :( 

{tvb} SIAC Thoughts

Warning: major spoilers ahead if you didn't finish the series!! (And if you haven't been watching it, I highly recommend that you do) 

I think that SIAC's ratings are a poor reflection on how good the series was. While some parts were cliched or not as well written as it could have been, overall the series was exceptional. I think the first half of the series was more interesting compared to the latter part since it was focused on solving Hau Yee's murder. I have to say that TVB did pretty well with the result of the mystery. I was pleasantly surprised that the murderer wasn't Ka Hin, but instead Ka Sing (even though he was my second suspect lol). All of the different suspects were well developed as well, so I would have been happy with anyone being the murderer. 
The second part of the series is when Tseung Chi Yan comes in to take revenge on the Poon family. While this is normal revenge/family drama for TVB, I think it was still pretty exciting to watch. I was tricked like Ka Hin was regarding his real background, and all of Tseung Chi Yan's evildoings angered me like there was no tomorrow. Although it made sense for Poon Ka Nin to die, I do not think that Wan Jeh and Chor Kau's deaths were really necessary. Sam Siu's father's death was a big enough catalyst to drive him to go against Tseung Chi Yan, and the other deaths just made it seem like the writers were killing everyone off randomly. (or this just might be me still grieving over Chor Kau...) I only wish that the writers did not make Sam Siu get hit in the head two times by floating logs during the flood scenes. My interpretation of the ending is that Sam Siu does remember Bing Bing (even Steven said so on his weibo- "冰冰,我記得妳㗎"), but I would still have liked a concrete and definite happy ending for Stevia. 
I just have to say that I really loved Sam Siu/Poon Ka Yeung. Steven did a great job as usual, and if he was a real person, I would have definitely fallen for him way faster than Bing Bing had. Even if Bing Bing did not agree with all of his actions, I think Sam Siu's modernized thinking was part of his attractiveness. He was perfect ♥ 
Tavia acted really well in all her scenes as well! But, I did not really like Bing Bing that much... while she does have a lot of good qualities, she's a little too stubborn. Sometimes that part of her personality helped her and it was tolerable, but at other times it just annoys me. She shouldn't have fought with Sam Siu and left him behind to go to Suzhou by herself in the last episode. However, I still think that Sam Siu and Bing Bing were the perfect match. Their flaws (well imo Sam Siu had none LOL) and strengths complemented the other. Also, the scenes they had together were way too cute (esp that doufu fa one!!!!). 

{other} Liebster Award

I got tagged by Ginny (from TVB Perspective)!

1. What is the last tvb series you watched? The last series I finished was 'Return of the Silver Tongue', and I'm currently watching 'Storm in a Cocoon' right now. 
2. When did you start blogging? I started blogging in October of 2010. 
3. What languages do you speak/write? I can only write in English, haha. I can speak Teochew and some French. 
4. Have you met any celebrities in the past, and if so who and where? Nope :( 
5. What is your favorite food? Ramen! 
6. What types of series do you usually prefer? (crime, historical, romantic, legal, etc) I prefer crime dramas~ 
7. Where are you from? I'm from the US! 
8. Do you have any siblings? Yes, one younger brother
9. What are your hobbies? I like reading, watching TVB series, and listening to kpop & cpop :) 
10. What do you like about blogging? I can write down my thoughts and talk to other bloggers about things that we have in common. 

I would tag people, but most of my affiliates either got tagged already or are inactive lol. Thanks for tagging Ginny! 

{update} hi

I haven't updated this blog in more than a month! I've just been busy with school work, and there also weren't any interesting TVB series for me to watch after I finished 'Return of the Silver Tongue'.... However, 'Storm in a Cocoon' has been captivating for the past 15 episodes. The acting is spot on (go Stevia! ♥) and the plot is quite interesting. Hopefully the series doesn't lose its quality as it gets into the later half of the series. I'm really curious as to who the killer is (I have a hunch that it's Ka Hin...) 

Anyways, I also have a new header up! I can't believe I only used two headers last year...lol. 

{personal} something random

I already posted this on my tumblr, but I might as well update this blog once in awhile as well, right? :) Anyways, William Chak liked one of my pictures on Instagram, LOL. And it's not even a picture of him or anything TVB related, it's one of my edits of G-Dragon... 
I have no idea how he found it. Either he enjoys looking through his followers' IG pics or he went through 35 weeks worth of pictures that GD is tagged in lmao. But yeah, I just wanted to share this with you guys. XD