{movie} Laughing Gor - Turning Point & Rule #1

Laughing Gor 之變節  (Laughing Gor - Turning Point)

I finally watched this! haha To be honest, I didn't really want to watch it because I don't care about Michael. But then, of course, Fala Chen is in it, and I do love my triad films. I didn't really expect anything out of this movie because we all know that nothing will happen to Laughing cause this was before E.U. The funny thing is that the focus of the movie wasn't really even on Laughing, it was more on Yat Gor and Zatoi. But that was actually a good thing, because the Laughing in this movie is no way like the Laughing in E.U. I only really liked the Zatoi and Karen scenes...

One of the more interesting scenes
Having watched my share of HK triad movies, though, this was full of cliches. I mean, come on, undercovers, drugs, Eric Tsang being the leader? Oh yeah, and not to mention Anthony Wong and Francis Ng. The bunches of cameos and supporting roles that TVB people had was kinda funny though (except for Kenny Wong, he was completely useless, and so was Pierre), and I liked pointing out the people that I knew. Plus, Yuen Biao is in this. haha. 

第一誡 (Rule #1)

Yeah, I meant to watch this movie when it came out, but I was too lazy to watch online. I'm glad I didn't, cause then I would be blocking my screen half the time cause there were so many gross scenes...  

Anyways, I was watching this movie cause I like Shawn Yue. And that was basically it, cause I usually hate HK horror films cause they almost always end up being stupid. The storyline was okay, even though there were a lot of stuff left unexplained. Like if ghosts were so powerful, isn't the Miscellaneous Affairs Department of the HK police pretty much screwed? lol. Acting was good for both leads. (And I finally get to watch Stephanie Che act again! haha I wonder if she'll ever be in another TVB series?) I think I prefer Ekin in this type of role instead of being a "young" guy in all his movies, plus him dancing with an inflatable dinosaur was pretty entertaining.

Go Shawn!
Oh yeah, and referring to earlier said gross scenes... there was a bunch of them. The grossest one (imo) was when this girl suicided on the roof and nobody discovered the body until days after. So her skin was all brown and wrinkly and disgusting and I really wish that I didn't see that part. :( And all of Shawn's imagined ghost scenes were pretty gross too. Basically, don't watch this if you're easily creeped out like me.

{artwork} Ella Koon Icons

Ella~ ♥ I really love her Dare to Be photo shoot, so here are icons to share with you all. :D

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{TVB} 究竟海有幾深 Lyrics & Eps 7-9 of The Rippling Blossom


夢要堅持 我總不後退
天闊宇宙 日出的暖光 折射心裏
心要跳動 就飛奔去追
覓到心靈 最相通伴侶
只要對住 什麼都覺得 有樂趣
究竟水裏邊 有幾深與淺
究竟心裏邊 有幾多理想 不改變
愛得起這天 記得起昨天
再可肩併肩 世間中探險
感覺像 第一天 又初見
但我堅持 永不倒下去
天要塌下 就將這被窩 蓋住心碎
總有未完 夢想可以追
讓我單純 投入在生活裏
歡笑眼淚 未改寫信心 愛下去

I love this song. :D It's been such a long time since I heard a TVB theme from Chilam. haha I've been playing it on repeat for a few days now. And darn, the MV got removed from YT. :(

Episode Thoughts

Episode 7 didn't really have anything interesting going on (imo), except I really like the Commoner's Handbook. lol So cute. :)

Episode 8
-Yay for Ying Jai and Sze Lung scene!
-Why can't Chi Hui just look happy when he gets points during the competition? Geez, is he so cocky and full of himself? 
-Why does that one man get to eat the food by himself? That's mean and unfair to the other people sitting next to him.
-Myolie did well in the graveyard scene, but where the heck did she get those flowers??

As for episode 9, I left it playing in the background while I was reading manga so I really have no idea what the heck went on. lol All I saw was the ending when Chi Hiu's hand got hurt.

PS: I want more Ken scenes! 

{TVB} The Rippling Blossom Ep. 6 Thoughts

Yeah, so I got too behind on Rippling and so I just skipped eps 3-5... I hope nothing important happened. haha 

Chilam and Tavia ♥
Oh Ying Jai... If I were you I would push your older brother into the sea/ocean. Then skip in the lovely green meadows with the girl that I love. But then again that would be murder (or attempted murder if Chi Hiu was a good swimmer).

But really? After that cute fantasy scene and the funny awkward moment between the two brothers, it comes to this? And of course TVB had to have the evil person sit in a black car, unnoticed, laughing at the sufferings of the protagonists.

Also, I don't know if I missed something in the episodes that I skipped, but what is wrong with Tavia's character? How can she not see how awesome Ying Jai is??? Especially how he's so nice to everyone, even Yue Chi Po. Blargh. I wonder if he can somehow work the bro code into this situation.

One question though: Why does their dad look so young in the picture on his tombstone? I mean, no offense or anything but he looks younger than his first wife. o_O

{new} Header

I think I had my Selena banner for a long time, so I changed it to Ella Koon. :) Still the same layout however, cause I'm lazy.

{artwork} Liu Yi Fei Icons

I wasn't a fan of Liu Yi Fei even though I liked her in Chinese Paladin with Hu Ge. But then of course when she starred in Love In Disguise with Leehom, I had to start liking her! Hahaha. Her ads are really pretty, so I decided to make a few icons. :D

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

{TVB} The Rippling Blossom Initial Thoughts

So I watched the first episode of The Rippling Blossom last night, and I have to admit it was better than I expected. Of course, Chilam was a big part of why I liked it. haha The comedic scenes with Chilam, Myolie, and Damien were funny and very cute. Tavia didn't have that many scenes, but that's okay, cause later her scenes will probably be mostly with Michael anyways. Now I have to admit, Michael's character is funny in a way because he looks serious and  p.offed at everyone.  But his seriousness complements Chilam's goofiness perfectly and it makes Chilam even cuter. ;)

Anyways here are some videos to share with you guys! Behind the scenes when they were celebrating Myolie's birthday. :) The second one is the cutest...they are all such little kids! And it actually made me kind of like Michael better now. haha One of the best parts was how Damien was calmly walking by Tavia and Chilam with his camera while they were fighting. XD

{music} Mukei Spirit - Shibasaki Kou

Wow another single from Shibasaki Kou! 

1. 无形スピリット(Mukei Spirit)
2. ゲノミクロニクル
3. 无形スピリット -Mugen Loop Remix-
4. 无形スピリット -Instrumental-

The real and the virtual come together as actress-singer Shibasaki Kou teams up with Vocaloid composer DECO*27 for her latest single Mukei Spirit. The song is the theme song for the television drama Lady ~ Saigo no Hanzai Profile ~, starring Kitagawa Keiko and Kimura Tae. The single also comes with the B-side track Genomichronicle and a remix of Mukei Spirit. 

Mukei Spirit MV:
Hehe the MV is the main reason why I'm sharing her new single with you guys. I think it's so funny! LOL and the flowers in the middle of the MV remind me of the ending theme of Galileo.

*information is from yesasia

{artwork} Raymond Lam

It's almost Chinese New Year! ♥ CNY is definitely my favorite holiday, all the decorations, food, and of course red packets! hehe I always like Raymond's CNY interviews because I love the pictures that come with them, and this year is no exception.

I kinda wish that the scans were better quality though. :(
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