{update} New Header

I got tired of the SSSS header with Kenta, and now here's a simple one featuring Linda. I really love this picture from the AME website, but I can't seem to find any other ones with her wearing the same dress on the site. D: Oh wells. 
I know I said I would write out a TC review, but I forgot. hehe Now it's been too long and I forgot most of the stuff I had to say. It was going to be about how Sheung Hei's character went from being my favorite to being a joke anyways, haha. 
Also, I was excited to start watching Friendly Fire and Missing You. FF is great so far, and I love all the characters. I especially like Sammy's Po Ti sir. haha He's too cute. Also, I was really excited for Missing You and the cases, but I was halfway through the first episode and found it too boring for my tastes. I mean, I like Linda, Jason, and Rams. I really want to watch the Raymond Wong and Elaine Yiu scenes, and there's Helena Law, one of my favorite veterans. But it just doesn't suit my tastes. Oh well, it also seems like not a lot of other people are watching it either. 

{tvb} Pang Sam Shun Character Appreciation

I'll get around to writing a final thoughts post on The Confidant, but first here's my thoughts on one of the best characters, Pang Sam Shun. 
In the beginning, Pang Sam Shun was a horrible person; he bullied the other eunuchs and maids to get what he wanted. Since his uncle, Chan Fook, was the Grand Eunuch, Sam Shun could flaunt his power around. However, as time went by, viewers learned that he was in fact, a good person who was loyal to the Qing rule. I admit that in the beginning, I was glad to see Sam Shun get punished by the princess for picking on Sheung Hei. I was angry at him for causing Sin Yung's miscarriage and was looking forward to his doom. However, after various events and the teachings of the princess (the three questions he had to ask himself), he turned over a new leaf. He made friends for the first time in his life with Lin Ying and Sheung Hei, and after that, became part of the brotherhood that also included On Tak Hoi and Tim Sau.

I think out of all the characters, Sam Shun was the most well written, and also my favorite. Honestly, before Sheung Hei turned into some love sick fool and did ooc actions, he was my favorite. However, he became unlikable after falling in love with the princess, and Sam Shun eventually became my favorite character. I liked his uneasy friendship with Lin Ying, and how he was so loyal to the Emperor. He used to follow his uncle's orders, but afterwards learned how to think on his own. It was sad how little scenes there were of the five brothers before it was broken up, and I wish there were more. 
I think this was the first time that I went from hating a character so much to loving them, and I hope TVB writes more characters like Sam Shun into their series. Power is a great actor, and it's just too bad that he didn't win Best Supporting Actor with Sam Shun. 

{tvb} Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles Final Thoughts

The title Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles means that although the wealthy has resources and opportunities, there are still restraints in place that prevent them from doing what they want. After watching the whole series, I think that this title is more apt than Prominent Family as it correctly describes the cast of characters. 
Well, there's too many characters to write about and I forgot some of the points I had to say, so I'll just write  down a few sentences for each of the characters.

Chung Family 

Chung Cheuk Man is a jerk, but I still felt sorry for him in the end. Damian portrayed him very well, and the scene when Sum Lan died was heart breaking. 
I have to admit, I didn't like Sum Lan in the beginning because she was mean to Chi Kwan, but her character probably suffered the most. She had to watch her husband marry three other women, her daughter in law slept with another man, and the family was almost broken. Although she was paralyzed for the few remaining episodes, Mary Hon did a wonderful job.
Yee Yin finally got her freedom, but she didn't appear in the last few episodes, so it was like she was forgotten. I liked Idy's portrayal, much better than when she was in Catch Me Now.
Elena did a great job with Yee Fong, especially during the trial scene. It's sort of weird how some man would court her so soon after she divorced Cheuk Man, though. 
Chi Kwan was a strong, independent character, but she was too in love with Cheuk Man. I would have liked it if she didn't agree to marry Cheuk Man again, but people have their flaws. Also, it may be my bias, but I think Tavia is the only current fa dan able to play this role. 
It's unbelievable what a good guy Kai Sun is. Kenneth gets another good guy role again, but he's good at it. I just wish Kai Sun would man up and beat up Mok Shui a few times. 
In the beginning, I actually thought Kai Yip was a gentleman, especially how he treated Choi Yuet at first. Of course, his character has his flaws, but I felt sorry for him the whole time. The scene where he poured out his heart and then ran away from Damian was heart breaking. 
Ho Yee didn't suffer much in comparison to the rest of her family and there wasn't that much of a focus on her. She's a cute character, though.
For the second half of the series, I forgot that Yee Fong's children existed. I bet the rest of the family did, too.


I thought I would love Siu Yau forever, but her character took a change for the worst. It was a weird transition for her to cheat on Kai Sun, but I guess the scriptwriter wanted to move the plot along...Rebecca did well for her first role, though, and I anticipate her next series. 
Let's just say that I was not glad that Muk Shui lived in the end. 
I liked Adrian Chau as Tat Chi. It was sort of unrealistic how unwilling he was to change for Ho Yee, but their relationship was sweet anyways. 
Ben did a great job with Chai Yat Fai as always. It was unexpected of Yat Fai and Yee Yin not to end up together though. 
It seems Siu Yu was forgotten at the end, too. Bella Lam is really cute haha. 

{music} Wang Leehom - 12 Zodiacs

I haven't done a music post in quite awhile. Here's Leehom's new song, 十二生肖 (12 Zodiacs)! Although I don't really dig those glasses (they make his nose look big LOL) he looks cute as always. :D Plus, Jackie Chan dancing with Leehom is the funniest thing ever. haha 

{tvb} SSSS Ep 10-28 & The Confidant Ep 1-19 Thoughts

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
The series is enjoyable, albeit a little draggy. The main storyline that concerns Arthur Chung Cheuk Man (Damian Lau) and the building project is uninteresting to me. Although he is smart and calculating, I do not like how he deceives Chi Kwan (Tavia Yeung) and his son, Kai Sun (Kenneth Ma) into thinking that he's doing it to help the mui jai (slave girls) when in fact it is just to benefit himself. Granted, that doesn't make him a bad person, but it's sad when Chi Kwan thinks that he is doing it to help her. I also dislike that Master Fok (Sek Sau) blames Lester's (Stefan Wong) death on the Chung family. I imagine some more drama will be coming from his conflicts with Cheuk Man. 
A storyline I prefer to the business one is the one concerning Yee Yin (Idy Chan), Cheuk Man, Chai Yat Fai (Ben Wong), and in a way, Chi Kwan as well. It is surprising how wishy washy Yee Yin is to regarding her love life. She tells Cheuk Man that she does not love Chai Yat Fai anymore, but later when she hears he got beat up, she is willing to drop everything to go visit him. I don't think that she is truly in love with either of them. It feels more like she feels guilt towards the both of them. Anyways, I'm glad that Yee Yin and Chi Kwan are good friends. Chi Kwan learns more about Cheuk Man while observing the conflicts, and Yee Yin has someone to help her during her hard times. 
I also enjoy watching Siu Yau (Rebecca Zhu) and Kai Sun together. So far, Siu Yau is such a sweet character, and Kai Sun is also such a good man and loving husband. Muk Shui (Ron Ng) comes back and just has to ruin everything, though. After he comes out of his coma, it's so obvious that he is faking losing his memory. I've got to hand it to Ron, though, because he shows elements of Muk Shui onscreen when nobody is looking, and so only viewers could tell that Muk Shui is only pretending to be mentally challenged. Although I greatly dislike his character, I'm looking forward to how this storyline plays out. 
And last but not least, I just have to say that I love Ho Yee (Sire Ma) and Tat Chi (Adrian Chau) together. 

The Confidant

I am loving this series right now, after spending a few days to watch from the beginning to episode 19. I really loved the beginning, especially the Jing Ren palace and how Lady Yuen (Selena Li) and the eunuchs and maids interacted with each other. The beginning really made me dislike Empress Dowager Chee Hei (Michelle Yim), but as the episodes passed, I've come to like her. I just don't enjoy the politics scenes or the ones with Empress Dowager Chee On (Maggie Siu), though. The eunuch group of Li Lin Ying (Wayne Lai), On Tak Hoi (Raymond Cho), Sheung Hei (Raymond Wong), Pang Sam Shun (Power Chan), and Tin Sau (Edwin Siu) is especially cute to watch. I didn't like Pang Sam Shun in the beginning, especially when he bullied Sheung Hei and Lin Ying, but he wasn't a bad person. I could tell that he changed after he caused Sin Yung (Nancy Wu) to miscarry. 
I don't particularly care for the Emperor (Oscar Leung) or his empress troubles, even though I am glad that Oscar is finally getting screentime. I actually liked the kid emperor story with how Lin Ying helps him know about the Empress Dowager Chee Hei's love for him. I don't like the Princess (Aimee Chan) either. Hopefully, there are more scenes of the eunuch group before it gets all broken up. 

{tvb} Sales Presentation Graphics

I was in a graphics making mood last night. :) I already put them up on tumblr, but I just wanted to share here too. hehe 

I was going to make more, but the screencaps my player took of the other SPs did not look good. lol 

{tvb} TVB 2012 Sales Presentations

Yay, thanks to KennethTaviaRuco @ Youtube for uploading some of the SP videos! (: 
On Call 36 Hours II~ I can't wait to watch this, especially since I liked the first one a lot! Hopefully they don't ruin the storyline. :D 
I've never actually finished A Great Way to Care, but since it seems like most of the old characters are gone, I don't have to watch the first one to watch this one, right? hehe
From the premise, it doesn't seem that this series will be filmed. I would like to see this, but it would be better if Sharon was replaced by Tavia. haha Still, I wouldn't mind this cast, because I really want Raymond and Ron to film another series together. I need my 2R. 

All of the sales presentations can be viewed here at this link or here. Besides the three SP that I've posted up, the one that I'm looking forward to the most is the one with Bobby and Esther. She still looks so pretty and young after all these years, and I can't wait to watch this couple! The Ruco/Edwin/Linda drama doesn't look so bad either, and I am excited for Linda's 90's look, because she suits it so well. haha The other dramas look okay, but the worst one has to be the one with Kenneth and Raymond Wong. I was laughing when I was watching it. It doesn't seem like it will be filmed, though, which is a good thing. 

{tvb} Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles Initial Thoughts

I made a new header, featuring Chi Kwan (Tavia Yeung) and Kai Sun (Kenneth Ma)! I know they aren't a couple, but their scenes together in the ten episodes that I've watched are telling me otherwise. I am not shipping them together, though, because I like the Siu Yau (Rebecca Zhu) and Kai Sun coupling a lot. Although I would have loved it if Fala was the one to portray Siu Yau (because of the Ronla pairing and having scenes with Tavia), I think Rebecca is really cute. She's not a bad actress, and there's just something about her that I like. Normally I would not like the typical good girl characters like Siu Yau, but I can't help but like her. 
Chan Cheuk Man (Damian Lau) is a very interesting man. He's clever and things always go his way. I wonder why he is so much in love with Yee Yin (Idy Chan) when he knows that she still loved her ex. So far, I don't think he loves Chi Kwan, so it'll be interesting to see when he finally falls for her. I was afraid that the episodes will be too draggy, but at the pace that I'm watching it doesn't seem as bad. However, when it focuses on one storyline, I'll be aching to see what happens in the other one. I think my favorite scene is in episode 10, where Kai Sun is teaching the children English. Kam Muk Shui (Ron Ng) fell asleep, and then he bumps into a little boy and makes him cry. The other kids call him a bully, then they test him to see if he was paying attention to the lessons. It was funny when the kid yelled "Kam Muk Shui is a dog!" LOL. I wish Ron played a better role, but I still like him nonetheless. Hopefully the series stay interesting for the whole 40(!) episodes. 

{tvb} Highs and Lows Thoughts

Although so many people were praising Highs and Lows, I was not as interested in it as I was in TLSA. The premise was interesting, but I felt that it got boring after Happy Sir (Raymond Lam) and Ah Pat (Kate Tsui) slept together. The script spent too much time on romance, and I felt that more time should have been spent on the cases instead. 
I get that Gordon (Michael Miu) and Happy Sir were supposed to be really good friends, but I it seemed that after the first few episodes, they didn't even seem to be that close or have many scenes together. In the hospital scene when Happy Sir punched Gordon two times, I could see their bond of friendship, and Gordon's funeral scene was also touching, but I would have believed their friendship more if there were more scenes of them together. 
In the beginning, I shipped Happy Sir and Ah Pat together, but halfway through, I liked Happy Sir and Sandy (Ella Koon) together better. At first, I found Sandy annoying, but she was such a nice girl, and she liked Happy Sir so much. I get that Ah Pat went through a lot of shit, and her life in general was horrible, but it didn't give her a right to hurt Sandy's feelings. She got Happy Sir in trouble because she didn't want him to have someone like her in his life, but I just think that she was selfish. If she had let Happy Sir help her, she wouldn't have had to die or suffer so much. I also did not get how Happy Sir was so in love with her. They had little development in their relationship, but suddenly they sleep with each other and Happy Sir would shoot Gordon because he thought he killed Ah Pat? 
I actually liked Gordon and Helen (Elaine Ng) together more than Happy Sir x Ah Pat/Sandy. I thought that this couple was cuter (not lookwise, but scenes), and I wanted them to have a happy ending. I was happy when it turned out Ivan (Geoffrey Wong) turned out evil, and that case was pretty interesting as well. 
I felt sorry for Ah Tim (MC Jin) and Ah Chun a lot. For the whole series, I knew that Tim loved Ah Pat, because he did and sacrificed so much for her. Ah Chun was innocent, and it was cruel how Sam Kau and his thugs killed him. Basically, Poon Hok Lai (Ben Wong) deserved his exploding death, although he should have been sent to jail to suffer for the rest of his life instead. 
Overall, the series was interesting, but I finished it just for the sake of finishing the series. 

{tvb} The Last Steep Ascent Final Thoughts

I have to say that I enjoyed The Last Steep Ascent more than I thought I would. The premise of the story seemed romantic and sweet, but I'm not usually a fan of romance dramas. However, TLSA was different from a normal romance story, in my opinion. The relationship between Miu Tin and Sun Yuet was less pronounced than normal pairings, and it was the little things they shared that made them fall in love with each other. And since I don't know where to put this, I have to say that Raymond Wong's cameo appearance as the older Sze Hang was a nice surprise. 

Miu Tin (Moses Chan) & Sun Yuet (Maggie Cheung)

Even though they were the main couple, I did not even notice when Sun Yuet started liking Miu Tin, haha. The part that made me start liking this couple was how Sun Yuet said she would introduce Miu Tin to a girl she knows, but then it turned out it was a girl Sze Hang's age. Then later when he told her that he met the girl, my feels were all over the place. I feel they would have gotten together earlier if they just talked about their feelings. I could relate to this, and I was glad that they were able to get together in the end, and how they lived happily together for such a long time. Also, it was sweet how Miu Tin was in love with Sun Yuet ever since he was young, too.

Cheng Kiu (Kenny Wong) & Oi Tai (Aimee Chan)
In the beginning of this series, I did not care for this couple at all, but I think they became the one I was rooting for the most. This might have been especially because I knew Miu Tin and Sun Yuet would end up together, but I still liked this storyline. At first I really disliked Oi Tai for being the third party in Sun Yuet and Sai Cheung's marriage, and I did not feel sorry for her. However, she was a really sweet girl and she did not deserve all of the bad things that happened to her. I wasn't fond of Cheng Kiu in the beginning, but he was so manly protecting Oi Tai! He would have sacrificed everything for her safety, and I was cheering him on when he was beating up the rapist. 

There's a few other things that I would like to add, but I don't have enough thoughts about it to have a paragraph about them, so here they are in bullet points:
  • I was glad Sai Ho (Edwin Siu) got arrested, I hate him.
  • I felt sorry for the uncle after his second stroke, even if he was bad
  • Boss Lai (Joel Chan) and Miu Tin bromance was really sweet
  • Samantha Ko is really pretty in pre-modern clothes
  • I wish Sze Man (Katy Kung) and Po Law (Matt Yeung) had more to their storyline
  • All the loyal workers were so sweet to help Sun Yuet and Miu Tin
  • Lai Lai (Law Lan) is the most badass old lady character I've seen in awhile; she's my favorite character in TSLA 
I feel like my thoughts would be more coherent if I wrote this a few days ago when I finished TLSA, but I went to the Big Bang concert in Anaheim on Saturday, so I had no time to write this up. I'm still in fangirl mode for BB, but I wanted to type this post before I forget everything about this series LOL. 

{tvb} TLSA Random Thoughts

I'm almost done with The Last Steep Ascent! I feel like everyone ignored it and Highs and Lows got more attention because of the cast and storyline, but I feel like TLSA should get some attention as well. The main storyline with Miu Tin (Moses Chan) and Sun Yuet (Maggie Cheung) is slow, but it's still sweet. I wish they had more focus, but there's still 4 more episodes for me to watch, so I might be surprised. Anyways, in the beginning, I did not care for Cheng Kiu or Oi Tai. However, the last few episodes I watched really got to me. Although he's not perfect, he's such a good guy. It was touching how he hurried to buy those white flowers for Oi Tai when she was going to move into the Ho household, and I was cheering him on when he was beating up the rapist. I'm assuming from the themevideo that Cheng Kiu and Oi Tai will live happily ever after, and I hope that's true. 
Also, episode twenty one was full of feels. I want Miu Tin to just heal Boss Lai already. Use your powers!! Augh. 

{tvb} The Last Steep Ascent EP 1-12 Thoughts

I'm sort of behind on The Last Steep Ascent, but I wanted to write down my thoughts on the series so far. I feel like the plot is nothing special, since it is a romance with family drama like many other series, but it's entertaining anyways. 


Miu Tin (Moses Chan): As I stated before, his character is the all around good guy. Nothing special so far. I wonder if he'll get more interesting when the romance between him and Sun Yuet starts. I like how he's so smart though. (Anyways, is he a ninja or something? During episode 9 when the elders were all pestering Sun Yuet to break up the estate, nobody noticed him standing at the window. haha)
Sun Yuet (Maggie Cheung): I really like her character so  far. She seems like a strong, independent woman, but underneath she has a lot of emotions that cannot be shown to the world. 
Madam Ho (Law Lan): She's badass. I like her. 
Ho Sai Cheung (KK Cheung): I don't like him. He's a good businessman and helped Miu Tin, but I really dislike him for lying to Sun Yuet about his affair. I feel like a bad person, but I was kind of glad when he died. He doesn't deserve a good wife like Sun Yuet. 
Cheng Kiu (Kenny Wong): Is it me, or is his screentime really low? There's nothing really to say about him, except for the parts when he was really angry in the beginning. I wonder what happened to all his anger now.
Tin Oi Tai (Aimee Chan): I don't like her character, either. I am assuming that we are supposed to pity her, but she's still a third party. She knows that she's hurting Sun Yuet, but she has to be with Sai Cheung because she loves him. I was happy when Madam Ho kicked her out of the place she was living in, haha. Also, when she was running away from the rapist, that was sort of a weird scene. Who on earth runs like that?

Ho Kwan Yiu (Cheung Yik): I hate this man. At first, I thought he would be okay since he liked Sai Cheung's children so much, but after all the things he's done to harm the family, I realize that he is a horrible man. He raped someone and ran away from his responsibilities, and he was ready to let his sister in law die when he wanted the company/estate to break up. 
Ho Sai Ho (Edwin Siu): I know he's the antagonist, but I can't hate him. I don't like the things that he does, but he's so clever. He's too smart to hate. I don't like his wife, though. She's sort of stupid.
Lai Chai Man (Joel Chan) & Yim Ping (Samantha Ko): I like this couple, and I really hope they're in more scenes. 

On a side note, I really like the villagers' interactions. The scene when one of the villagers gave birth was heartwarming, Also, they barely know Oi Tai, but when she was sick, a lot of people came and help. I also like the loyal workers of Ho Ching Tong. All those people almost makes up for the evilness of Sai Ho and the one old man whose name I forgot. 

{tvb} Quick Update

Oops, haven't been updating in quite awhile. I'm not that busy with school yet, but I never really found the time to post anything. haha 
Well, currently I'm watching both The Last Steep Ascent and Highs and Lows. I'm only on episode 6 of LSA and 5 of HL. 
I started LSA without expecting anything good, and so far nothing's really popping out to me. I like Maggie, but Moses' character is kind of boring right now. I've been reading that Joel and Samantha's performances are good, so I'm looking forward to that. I have to say though, I really liked the scene when Aimee got kicked out of the house, hehe. 
I like Highs and Lows right now, maybe mostly because of Raymond. Happy Sir is a funny character, he's so cute and dorky. I'm getting bored of Ben in his uptight character roles, though. 

{music} Raymond Wong

So, I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I am a big fan of Raymond Wong. (: As I was going through this Chinese music website, I found a song that he sang! It was for ATV's series Son from the Past, which aired in 2004. Since blogger can't host music files, I uploaded it on tumblr, haha. Listen here! I've been listening to this on repeat ever since I downloaded the song, haha. I didn't think that his voice would be suitable for singing, but he proved me wrong. I wish he would sing more~

{random} MWNS gif

I found this in my pictures folder, apparently I never posted it. haha I really liked this scene, it was so funny. I actually never finished this series, maybe I should start it again. :)

{tvb} King Maker Final Thoughts

I finally finished King Maker just now. Although it was interesting from episodes 5-20, to me, it sort of lost its magic after that. Spoilers are rampant in this post, so be careful reading. haha

I already wrote some of my thoughts on the characters in my previous post, but here are some more thoughts. Basically after Sam Leung (Kristal Tin) and Yu Tsing/Sheung Hei (Patrick Tang) died, I did not care if any of the other characters died afterwards. I don't know what happened, but I got really tired of all the characters. I think the only character that I liked for the whole time they were were Yeung Kuk (Sammy Shun) and Sam Leung. 
The characters that I were supposed to support and pity did not warrant any of those feelings. This is especially true with Prince Shing. After he became 'sane' again, it seemed as if his character changed a lot. And, really, wanting to kill an innocent child and Yu Ching (Wayne Lai)? I understand that he was afraid Yu Ching would go against him and have Prince Yin be made Emperor, but Yu Ching had done a lot for him. Without Yu Ching, I really doubt that he would still be alive. Also, I used to like Yu Ching, but his stubbornness annoyed me. He's written well, at least historically, because he is a good example of officials who were loyal to the country. Still, the only time I felt sorry for him was when Sheung Hei died. The only time that I liked his character was when he helped Consort Wai (Florence Kwok) and Prince Wo (Lai Lok Yi) not get killed by Prince Shing. Also, Prince Wo isn't such a bad character. It's just that he was led off the right path by his mom and Yeung Chi Shan. I feel sorry for him and his wife. 
I actually liked Yuk Kiu (Elaine Yiu) as well. I understood why she did all the things that she did. She thought she was being filial by sacrificing herself, but in fact she was just being used by her father. It's too bad that she died trying to save Yu Chiing, even though it was not necessary.
And can I just say that I really really dislike Yu Jing/Hung Ying/Consort Lai (Natalie Tong)? 

Honestly, if it were not for the fact that I was so close to finishing the series, I would have stopped watching and just read the spoilers. In my opinion, Episodes 19/20 would have been a good place to stop. The story just became stretched out with Tung Chiu (Kent Cheng) scheming against Yu Ching. The storyline with Consort Wai, Prince Wo, and Yeung Chi San (Joseph Lee) were more entertaining. 
I'm surprised that Yu Ching let Tung Chiu live, but I guess it just strengthens the message of King Maker and  the life of court officials. 

{tvb} King Maker Thoughts Ep 1-20

So I almost gave up on this when I was watching Episode 1 when the English subs first came out. The part where Yu Ching (Wayne Lai), his siblings, and his dad were being separated was too boring for me to continue, so I stopped watching. However, I was bored and decided to give it a try again, and I'm glad that I kept on watching.

Basically, Sam Leung (Kristal Tin) and her badassery plus episode 19 makes it worth watching. Her scenes, especially the ones when she's fighting are the ones that make KM less boring, especially with all the scheming political stuff that the series is supposed to be all about. Sure, all the things that Tung Chiu (Kent Cheng) plans up are interesting, but I prefer action a little more. But anyways, episode 19 was when basically, shit went down. [spoiler] The big bad three get their comeuppance. [/endspoiler]

Overall, I enjoy the cast's performances and characters, but Fan Hung Ying (Natalie Tong) really annoys me. Okay, so she's supposed to be 18 and the daughter of the chief and all, but did she really have to be that spoiled? When she was keeping Prince Shing (Pierre Ngo, who did a great job with the crazy scenes) in the wine cellar, I didn't really buy her character feeling sorry for him. I honestly don't like her character at all, and it seems weird that the prince would fall in love with her when his wife (Vivien Yeo) is so nice and caring.

{music} Song Time!

I've been hanging around Youtube lately listening to random songs, and I stumbled across a Japanese song called 'Yuki no Hana' (Snow Flower). Originally by Mika Nakashima, this song has been covered multiple times. I actually heard a Korean cover before by Seungri of Big Bang (my favorite group hehe), but I never knew that it was covered by so many people. I just wanted to share with you guys some of the many versions I found. :) 

Original Version by Mika Nakashima:

Korean Version by Park Hyo Shin (for the Korean drama OST of Sorry, I Love You): 
English Version by Hayley Westenra: 
Cantonese Version by Vincy Chan: 
Korean Cover by Seungri: 
Which version did you guys like best? Because of my huge bias for the maknae, Seungri's live version is definitely my favorite. hehe 

{tvb} New Series w/Bobby and Esther?

For information about the series, read Hyn5's post here
So, here was my first thought: Bobby and Esther pairing up again? Yay! haha Please TVB, make this happen! Now, I haven't been looking forward to any series this much since Three Kingdoms RPG (and we all know how that turned out - Lau Ka Ho lying about my 2R reunion), but hopefully the talks work out. To be honest, this kind of reminds me of Maiden's Vow because it spans from the ancient time to present, but it sounds like there will be less comedy. However, this is the Bobby and Esther pairing we're talking about, so I expect some comedic bits throughout the series. :) 

{other} Kindaichi Case Files

Okay, this isn't really related to TVB, but it's good news anyways. :) There's going to be a Japanese drama special called 'The Files of Young Kindaichi: Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case' that will air this winter. And, there's going to be Seungri from Big Bang in it! haha Of course, there will be Yamada Ryosuke of Hey! Say! Jump as the lead, in addition to Wu Chun, Vivian Hsu, and Eric Tsang. hehe I can't wait for this special to air~ 

{other} rambling

So guys. I'm afraid I lost my TVB mood. As I'm typing this, I'm trying to watch King Maker, and it's not that interesting. But I'll try to continue until it gets good? haha 
It's just that I'm having so many Kpop feels recently, especially since GD's new song 'That XX' was just released. *sigh* All the TVB feels I had because of Taro's birthday party is now gone. haha But here, have a cute picture of Raymond. 

{pic} Taro Birthday Party!

It's the lovely time of the year when Tavia and Ron have their joint birthday party! I'm glad that they finally had this party together~ Well it was sweet when Ron visited Tavia on set to celebrate their birthday last year,  but it doesn't hurt to give the fans a lot of pictures of Taro together, right? :D

To be honest, Ron doesn't look as happy as he did in the past. I'm pretty sure its because of all the rumors and stuff the media has written about him. However, he does look happier than he does usually with Tavia by his side. I'm just glad that they're still close enough friends to celebrate together.

{tvb} Tiger Cubs Thoughts

I finally finished Tiger Cubs last night. :) I have to concur with everyone else that this is one of the best series of the year so far, even if I barely watched any this year. Most of the actors did well, with the notable exception of Christine Kuo. Although I can barely understand Cantonese, even I think her pronunciation was bad. Her English was no better, and the crying scene in episode 6 was too horrible to be even called acting. I'm quite upset that Wai Wai (Christine) and Ah Yuen (Oscar Leung) ended up together, and I just skip most of their scenes together. 

The best part of the series to me was the brotherhood of the SDU team. It wasn't bromance, but pure brotherhood and loyalty. At the end where [spoiler] Ah Hin (Vincent) died, the flashbacks of Ah Hin and Ah Lai (Him Law) together were so heart touching [end spoiler].  However, one thing did bother me though. When the SDU members "found out" about how Wai Wai ditched Chin Sir (Joe Ma) for Ah Yuen, Ah Sing (Benjamin Yuen) went full on crazy. Sure, you are not supposed to steal your brother's girl, but he never listened to Ah Yuen's side of the story first. If they really were brothers like he claimed, he would listen to what Ah Yuen had to say instead of attacking his character. 
I'm glad that romance was not a big feature of Tiger Cubs, because the relationships were not that well written. Chin Sir and Madam Chong (Jessica Hsuan) were kind of forced. I think they match more as friends, and it was weird how fast Chin Sir started liking Madam Chong. I'm sure you guys already know how much I dislike the fact that Wai Wai and Ah Yuen got together, so let's skip over that. The funny thing is that while Ah Keung (Mandy Wong) and Ah Lai made a cute couple, I thought Ah Keung had a crush on Chin Sir in the beginning. 
As for my favorite case, I think it would either be the first one with the King of Thieves To Tin Yue (Kenneth Ma) or the third case when Ah Lai's father gets kidnapped. I have to say that the beginning cases were more interesting than the last ones. The last episode was a good wrap up, even if there were some questionable scenes. Like a lot of other people, I cried when Ah Hin died; although it was a noble death, it was sad nonetheless.
And of course, my favorite character is Ah Yuen. He's a great brother, friend, and colleague. The only character flaw that I think he has is his taste in girls. (Really, he could have any girl he wants and he picks Wai Wai...) I've always loved Oscar, and I'm glad that he got the role of Ah Yuen. His winks captured a lot of girls' hearts, and his popularity has gotten higher now. Hopefully he will get bigger roles from TVB now. 

{update} New Header ft. Raymond Lam

New banner cause I got tired of the Ruco one. :) I just realized that this is my first banner with solely Raymond on it. And this is one of my faves. haha 
His new album isn't all that bad. I wonder why the theme for Three Kingdoms wasn't on it though. 

{other} Tumblr?

hehe I made a tumblr for my edits (TVB and Kpop). It's faster to update than blogger. I'll still be posting here though. :) 
I was planning on making more stuff before I opened it so my page doesn't look so sad and lonely, but oh wells. 
I need more TVB blogs to follow. All the ones that I follow on my personal ones are either Kpop or my irl friends. haha 

{pic} Reunited!

Haha I couldn't resist posting this picture up. The Three Kingdoms people are reunited in the future~ Hopefully Johnathan Cheung gets a lot of screentime! haha 
I can't wait for AGWTC2! :) I'm not a fan of sequels like these where they get rid of most of the main characters, but I like series with cases in it. In this picture, Tavia doesn't look that bad, but in other ones her makeup looks horrible. D: Good thing this is just her undercover attire. 

{tvb} TV Funny Ep 15

Also known as <玩轉三周1/2>.  Now, I've been watching it these past weeks, and none of the skits were that amazing (except the second skit in episode 6, that one was so funny). However, I was anticipating the TV City skit because of that fact that many of the TVB artistes would be in it. It was too bad that the parts in TV City weren't that long. D: 

BUT. One good thing did happen. This.
Hehe. Now I want a series with Ron and Raymond Wong in it. 
Well, I really liked Raymond Lam's part too, he was so cute. :) Too bad I couldn't find his cut of the episode. Well, there was one tiny part with 2R that I had to cap from Ron's cut though. 
Blurry. But I don't care, its 2R.  

More caps of Ron and Ray W.