{pic} Fred in The Day of Days

I am so glad that I started watching The Day of Days. It's not that interesting, but Raymond Wong is just too cute for me to stop watching him in this series. haha Anywho, Fred is in it! Of course, he just appeared and I'm pretty sure it's more of a cameo/extra-ish part, but he looks so handsome. T_T I just wanted to share a pic. haha

{tvb} Friendly Fire Final Thoughts

As I stated before, I started Friendly Fire with no expectations at all, and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. Since this was coming from a new producer, I didn't expect the series to be that entertaining. However, Friendly Fire was well worth watching. 

Michael Tse as JJ Kam Jo Jan
I was actually disappointed in this character. Although it is true that JJ still loved Chris, he should not have lead Moon on. His character also took a weird turn after his father died, and it was unrealistic how he would harass Pong Tit Sum and tell a witness to lie in court. Michael did do a good job with JJ, and I was glad he did not show his Laughing Gor side anymore.
Tavia Yeung as Chris Fong Tin Lam
A strong character, and one who knows how to love herself. However, it wouldn't make sense for her to always reject JJ, since he was truly sincere. I loved how she had true faith in the justice system and how she was a good mentor to the trainees. However, one weird thing was when she talked to Kam Po Cheung when he was in his coma. Normal people would be hoping that he would live, but she kept saying how it was okay for him to die. Of course, she shouldn't be giving anyone false hope, but her dialogue made it seem as if though she wanted Po Cheung to die. Tavia did very well in her court scenes, and her comedic scenes were funny too. 

Sammy Leung as Kam Po Ti
It's no secret that I love Po Ti Sir. It's true that he's one of those cliche good guys, but I still like him a lot. He's a good kid, and I loved his scenes with JJ and their dad. The funniest scene, in my opinion, was when Judge Man took him out to lunch, and everyone thought he was handicapped because of the way she treated him. His love line with Mei Sun was nothing special, but he would definitely make a sweet boyfriend. Sammy's a decent actor, and his expressions can be cute sometimes. haha
Sharon Chan as Ngai Mei Sun
Mei Sun is a nice girl, except for the fact that she lead her boyfriend on for so long. She didn't really like him, so why be in a relationship with him for ten years? In other aspects, she's caring and a good friend, but nothing special. Sharon was okay in this, but I feel like her acting wasn't as good as it could have been.
The supporting characters were all good, I especially liked Samantha Ko as Kiki. Alice Chan was also good  as Pong Tit Sum, especially since I hated her so much. Louis and Grace were sweet together, it's just too bad that they didn't have many scenes after they went out. Also, the veterans were all good as usual; I loved Benz Hui. 
And just in case you guys haven't watched this, the trainees are singing Be True by Joey Yung. They sang it for Kiki in the series, and this version Samantha sings in it as well. I really liked the scene when Kiki played the video that they made for her; it was very touching.

{music} Rebecca Zhu singing 你要的愛

Okay, so I saw this in hyn5's chatbox, and since I like Rebecca, I watched it. Her singing is actually pretty good! I like her voice, haha. And the end of the video is very cute. Now this is a girl that I want TVB to promote. I hope she sings more at promotions and events, I want to hear her sing more. :) 

{tvb} Tavia Yeung

Watch this, you guys! It's basically a special with clips from Tavia winning at the TVB anniversary awards and from some of her older series. I actually never watched this year's anni awards, so watching the short clip shown in this video made me regret that I haven't watched it earlier. It was sweet how everyone hugged her, and you can see all her close friends. I also liked the part where they show Him, since he was tearing up for her. I ship them so much now! Anyways, I also liked watching the clips from her old series, esp the FungYi scenes! haha Makes me want to rewatch all of her old series now. 

And isn't this cute, you guys? Tavia treated the SSSS cast and crew to dinner! Nice to see a lot of them there. :D This may sound weird, but I want Tavia and Rebecca to become friends. LOL Rebecca is fairly new, so she needs friends in the industry, right? And Tavia is such a good friend, so please make my wish come true. lol (I may or may not also ship Kenneth and Rebecca irl....)

{tvb} Friendly Fire Eps 1-17 Thoughts

I have to admit, I was not expecting much from Friendly Fire seeing that it was just another lawyer series, especially with the bland Michael and Tavia pairing again. However, I am glad that I was proved wrong, as this series proved to be a pleasant watch so far.
JJ (Michael Tse) and Chris (Tavia Yeung) are a couple who end up separating after a misunderstanding, yet they are both still in love with each other. Although it is obvious that they still have feelings for one another, neither of them are willing to attempt to get back together. Sure, JJ tries to get Chris to spend time with him, but he certainly isn't doing any favors for himself by leading Moon (Grace Wong) on, either. The poor girl is in love with him, but he just makes her think that he likes her back while the fact is that he still likes Chris. This also makes Chris jealous yet mad at the same time. However, I do want the two of them to get back together. They're actually really cute together, and I was surprised at their chemistry. They were lacking that in Cupid Stupid and Rippling Blossom, and that was the reason that made me drop those two series. However, Michael has gotten rid of his Laughing Gor image, and I like him here as JJ.
Po Ti sir (Sammy Leung) and Mei Sun (Sharon Chan) aren't a couple yet, but I'm sure their relationship will take the next step soon. It's obvious that Mei Sun cares for Po Ti sir, but I wonder when he'll realize that he likes her. I've been rooting for this couple since the time that Mei Sun gave Po Ti sir a beer through their windows, haha. Also, I've said this before, but I really like Po Ti sir. He's definitely my favorite character in this series so far! Although he's the sort of guy character that appears in every series, I can't help but like him a lot.
The cases are sort of boring, however, but I am excited for JJ prosecuting that Pong guy.