{tvb} 星梦传奇 Voice of Stars Ep 4

Another week, another episode! This week's theme is assistance (or something like that) so the contestants sing duets with a friend. Lily brought Ngo Kanin, Fred brought Pal Sinn, Corinna and Grace paired up, and idk the other people's names (haha sorry! I recognize Ronald's partner though...) Interestingly enough most of the contestants didn't sing Cantonese songs and opted for Mandarin or English songs instead. 
There's not really much for me to say about this week's episode. Fred got the most points (again) so I'm very happy for him. :D I loved how Pal would argue against the judges for the points that they gave Fred, and then Miss Chan Chan said how it seemed like Pal was the one being judged instead of Fred. Pal seems like a funny guy, so it would be interesting to see him judge an episode instead of being just a guest. I enjoyed Ronald's performance a lot as well. hehe Also, I kinda feel sorry for Owen since it was his birthday but he got kicked out of the competition. :(
Anyways I wanted to share the theme for VOS with you guys. I can't embed it for some reason, so here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4cBy_uFL5I All I have to say is that it sucks. The song and the video suck.

{other} new tumblr

I made a sideblog for all my TVB/HK stuff since my personal one is pretty much all kpop now. hahaha 

{tvb} 星夢傳奇 Voice of Stars Episode 3

Yay, another week has passed so that means another episode of VOS! This time, Hacken Lee is one of the guest judges~
Oscar gets to sing first (again), and he put on a pretty entertaining performance. His singing was only so-so, and I think it's cause he picked a faster song and danced at the same time. If he chose an easier song to sing, then he would probably get more points and sing a lot better. Poor Oscar had to go film Tiger Cubs 2 as well, so he probably shouldn't have danced so much since his waist was hurting. (Seeing Oscar and Him's interaction was cute though! And LOL I have a matching Boy London sweater...) I guess it was just a matter of time before he gets off the show, and this episode was it. :( I really hoped to see him interact more with Fred, but Oscar was busy filming TC2. 
Wow, I never knew that Lily Ho could sing! She has a nice voice, and it's sorta obvious she's one of the better singers that auditioned (*ahem* Mandy, Benjamin, Stanley, Oscar...) I liked Ronald's performance too! If only he styled his hair better, haha. It's cute how when he was singing the song again with the judge, Amigo was mouthing the lyrics too. I always end up fangirling about Fred and praising him in these posts, so there's really no point in me writing the same things over and over again haha. But as usual, he gets the most points!

{tvb} 星夢傳奇 Voice of Stars Episode 2

Watch the second episode here.
The returning contestants
I know the judges didn't really like Oscar's performance, but I did. He was kind of nervous during his performance, because at functions where he performed live, his singing was better. Ronald was good, but I don't think his notes are powerful enough? Idk haha. 
Fred's performance was great as usual. Here's the link to his cut. His part was so touching, and being a Fred fan I'm really happy that he got invited to be a guest at Eric Moo's concert. I'm always saying this, but TVB really should Fred more chances. He's a great singer and he's fluent in English, something that a lot of TVB's promoted artistes last. Hopefully they'll realize what a great asset Fred is to the company. My favorite part of the episode was after Fred was given his score and all the other contestants were congratulating him. Oscar says "I'm proud, of you man" and it was the sweetest thing. They're one of my favorite pairs of best friends at TVB, so it's nice to see their bromance. 
It's interesting how Benjamin chose to sing a Mandarin song..he sang an English song last time. I wonder why he doesn't sing in Cantonese lol. I enjoyed his performance, but I guess his singing is just too average for the judges. I thought Stanley's performance was quite okay in the beginning, but it gradually got worse. The Aaryn kid is pretty talented, since he played they keyboard during his performance. (I wonder if Fred will play the guitar in a future performance...) Becky was amazing, but then again she was a vocal coach for ten years haha. The little screaming part at the end scared me though haha
It's not fun looking at the results, though, since there were already news articles about which contestants lost already. Benjamin and Stanley lost, and Fred and Becky ended up getting the two highest scores this episode. 

{tvb} ACOH/AL

I finally finished both A Change of Heart and Awfully Lawful today. I'm too lazy to write down all my thoughts in an organized post, though, so I'll just rant haha.
Well, for ACOH 30 episodes was definitely way too much. It started dragging in the middle, and I ended up fast forwarding through a lot of scenes because it got boring. There were a lot of unnecessary scenes, like Jack Wu's character being jealous about Oppa (Sammy Sum) and Tomato C (Rachel Poon)'s relationship. (I also thought that he would turn evil/is evil, but apparently not...) I feel like they bring up a lot of things about the minor characters and then forget about them a few episodes later. Sze Ka che (Mandy Wong)  pretty much disappeared after Siu Gat (Niki Chow) found out about her sleeping with Yuet San (Bosco Wong). They even somehow forget about Yuet San's great aunt at the end! Everyone showed up after the "1 year later" thing except her. 
My favorite pair in ACOH
Honestly, I disliked a lot of the characters. As usual, the female characters were written poorly, especially the lead. Instead of pitying her, I hated Siu Gat throughout the whole series. Disliking Fong Tai  (Joey Meng) seems more normal since she's the bad guy, I guess, but I did understand why she did all the evil things. I think I already said why I didn't like Sze Ka che in a prior post, but she got more bearable after she gave up on hooking up with Yuet San. The only female characters that I really liked were Ah Yan (Elaine Yiu) and Siu Fei (JJ Jia). As for the males, I actually liked Fong Chi Lik (Michael Miu) when he was still evil. His character was more entertaining, imo. Because of my bias, I liked both Yat San and Yuet San, but Eason (Vincent Wong) was my favorite character. The only male I disliked was Martin (Benjamin Yuen)...

I enjoyed Awfully Lawful a lot more than ACOH. Although I felt the last episode was sort of rushed, the whole series was entertaining. Episode 16 was my favorite, solely because of Honey (Grace Wong) and Jazz (Pal Sinn)'s camping adventure-date. I also loved the scenes that had all four male leads in them, their brotherhood was pretty nice. I would have to say that my favorite characters would be Solo (Roger Kwok) - his manner of speaking was quite interesting, and Elsa (Selena Li) who was very cute. Also, the little kids that played Felix and Louis were the cutest things ever! Especially Louis haha. 

{other} Fred Cheng on VOS

Do you guys recall my previous post about Voice of Stars? Well, I said that I thought VOS would be Fred's best chance at getting recognition. Well, today's news proved that I was right! 
Fred Cheng finally rises to popularity after his excellent singing performance on Voice of Stars. The story of Fred's ten years of hard work in the entertainment industry has caught a lot of attention from Netizens. - Mingpao
 Anyways, I'm so glad that more people are noticing Fred! TVB should start noticing him more now. I really really hope he wins VOS, or at least places very high since he's been waiting for a chance for so long. The preview for episode 2 was so touching. I can't wait to watch it!! 

{tvb} 星夢傳奇 Voice of Stars Episode 1

Finally after weeks of waiting, the first episode of 星夢傳奇 aired. I sort of skipped over the parts with people that I didn't really care for, and my Canto isn't that good so I didn't really understand the judges' criticisms. Anyways, the sole reason that I'm watching 星夢傳奇 is because of Fred and Oscar. 

I really think that 星夢傳奇 is Fred's best chance at being noticed by TVB and the Hong Kong audience. Even though he joined TVB years ago, his roles are now reduced to pretty much kelefe parts. His indie band, HOME, doesn't get a lot of recognition either. However, judging by how well he did in the first episode and the preview for episode two, Fred just might become the favorite (and hopefully win). I really love his singing, so I hope Fred gets far in the competition. 
I also like Oscar's singing, but imo it's not as good as Fred's. A few years back, I would have also complained about how Oscar got stuck with the delinquent, young guy roles, but after Tiger Cubs and L'Escargot, the audience seems to know him a lot better, and TVB has given him better roles. Oscar doesn't really need to compete in this since he's pretty popular now, but I do enjoy watching him support Fred. They've been friends for years, so hopefully they both do well in the competition together. It would be nice if they could have a special stage and sing a duet together, but that's probably not going to happen, haha.