{tvb} Sales Presentation Graphics

I was in a graphics making mood last night. :) I already put them up on tumblr, but I just wanted to share here too. hehe 

I was going to make more, but the screencaps my player took of the other SPs did not look good. lol 

{tvb} TVB 2012 Sales Presentations

Yay, thanks to KennethTaviaRuco @ Youtube for uploading some of the SP videos! (: 
On Call 36 Hours II~ I can't wait to watch this, especially since I liked the first one a lot! Hopefully they don't ruin the storyline. :D 
I've never actually finished A Great Way to Care, but since it seems like most of the old characters are gone, I don't have to watch the first one to watch this one, right? hehe
From the premise, it doesn't seem that this series will be filmed. I would like to see this, but it would be better if Sharon was replaced by Tavia. haha Still, I wouldn't mind this cast, because I really want Raymond and Ron to film another series together. I need my 2R. 

All of the sales presentations can be viewed here at this link or here. Besides the three SP that I've posted up, the one that I'm looking forward to the most is the one with Bobby and Esther. She still looks so pretty and young after all these years, and I can't wait to watch this couple! The Ruco/Edwin/Linda drama doesn't look so bad either, and I am excited for Linda's 90's look, because she suits it so well. haha The other dramas look okay, but the worst one has to be the one with Kenneth and Raymond Wong. I was laughing when I was watching it. It doesn't seem like it will be filmed, though, which is a good thing. 

{tvb} Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles Initial Thoughts

I made a new header, featuring Chi Kwan (Tavia Yeung) and Kai Sun (Kenneth Ma)! I know they aren't a couple, but their scenes together in the ten episodes that I've watched are telling me otherwise. I am not shipping them together, though, because I like the Siu Yau (Rebecca Zhu) and Kai Sun coupling a lot. Although I would have loved it if Fala was the one to portray Siu Yau (because of the Ronla pairing and having scenes with Tavia), I think Rebecca is really cute. She's not a bad actress, and there's just something about her that I like. Normally I would not like the typical good girl characters like Siu Yau, but I can't help but like her. 
Chan Cheuk Man (Damian Lau) is a very interesting man. He's clever and things always go his way. I wonder why he is so much in love with Yee Yin (Idy Chan) when he knows that she still loved her ex. So far, I don't think he loves Chi Kwan, so it'll be interesting to see when he finally falls for her. I was afraid that the episodes will be too draggy, but at the pace that I'm watching it doesn't seem as bad. However, when it focuses on one storyline, I'll be aching to see what happens in the other one. I think my favorite scene is in episode 10, where Kai Sun is teaching the children English. Kam Muk Shui (Ron Ng) fell asleep, and then he bumps into a little boy and makes him cry. The other kids call him a bully, then they test him to see if he was paying attention to the lessons. It was funny when the kid yelled "Kam Muk Shui is a dog!" LOL. I wish Ron played a better role, but I still like him nonetheless. Hopefully the series stay interesting for the whole 40(!) episodes. 

{tvb} Highs and Lows Thoughts

Although so many people were praising Highs and Lows, I was not as interested in it as I was in TLSA. The premise was interesting, but I felt that it got boring after Happy Sir (Raymond Lam) and Ah Pat (Kate Tsui) slept together. The script spent too much time on romance, and I felt that more time should have been spent on the cases instead. 
I get that Gordon (Michael Miu) and Happy Sir were supposed to be really good friends, but I it seemed that after the first few episodes, they didn't even seem to be that close or have many scenes together. In the hospital scene when Happy Sir punched Gordon two times, I could see their bond of friendship, and Gordon's funeral scene was also touching, but I would have believed their friendship more if there were more scenes of them together. 
In the beginning, I shipped Happy Sir and Ah Pat together, but halfway through, I liked Happy Sir and Sandy (Ella Koon) together better. At first, I found Sandy annoying, but she was such a nice girl, and she liked Happy Sir so much. I get that Ah Pat went through a lot of shit, and her life in general was horrible, but it didn't give her a right to hurt Sandy's feelings. She got Happy Sir in trouble because she didn't want him to have someone like her in his life, but I just think that she was selfish. If she had let Happy Sir help her, she wouldn't have had to die or suffer so much. I also did not get how Happy Sir was so in love with her. They had little development in their relationship, but suddenly they sleep with each other and Happy Sir would shoot Gordon because he thought he killed Ah Pat? 
I actually liked Gordon and Helen (Elaine Ng) together more than Happy Sir x Ah Pat/Sandy. I thought that this couple was cuter (not lookwise, but scenes), and I wanted them to have a happy ending. I was happy when it turned out Ivan (Geoffrey Wong) turned out evil, and that case was pretty interesting as well. 
I felt sorry for Ah Tim (MC Jin) and Ah Chun a lot. For the whole series, I knew that Tim loved Ah Pat, because he did and sacrificed so much for her. Ah Chun was innocent, and it was cruel how Sam Kau and his thugs killed him. Basically, Poon Hok Lai (Ben Wong) deserved his exploding death, although he should have been sent to jail to suffer for the rest of his life instead. 
Overall, the series was interesting, but I finished it just for the sake of finishing the series. 

{tvb} The Last Steep Ascent Final Thoughts

I have to say that I enjoyed The Last Steep Ascent more than I thought I would. The premise of the story seemed romantic and sweet, but I'm not usually a fan of romance dramas. However, TLSA was different from a normal romance story, in my opinion. The relationship between Miu Tin and Sun Yuet was less pronounced than normal pairings, and it was the little things they shared that made them fall in love with each other. And since I don't know where to put this, I have to say that Raymond Wong's cameo appearance as the older Sze Hang was a nice surprise. 

Miu Tin (Moses Chan) & Sun Yuet (Maggie Cheung)

Even though they were the main couple, I did not even notice when Sun Yuet started liking Miu Tin, haha. The part that made me start liking this couple was how Sun Yuet said she would introduce Miu Tin to a girl she knows, but then it turned out it was a girl Sze Hang's age. Then later when he told her that he met the girl, my feels were all over the place. I feel they would have gotten together earlier if they just talked about their feelings. I could relate to this, and I was glad that they were able to get together in the end, and how they lived happily together for such a long time. Also, it was sweet how Miu Tin was in love with Sun Yuet ever since he was young, too.

Cheng Kiu (Kenny Wong) & Oi Tai (Aimee Chan)
In the beginning of this series, I did not care for this couple at all, but I think they became the one I was rooting for the most. This might have been especially because I knew Miu Tin and Sun Yuet would end up together, but I still liked this storyline. At first I really disliked Oi Tai for being the third party in Sun Yuet and Sai Cheung's marriage, and I did not feel sorry for her. However, she was a really sweet girl and she did not deserve all of the bad things that happened to her. I wasn't fond of Cheng Kiu in the beginning, but he was so manly protecting Oi Tai! He would have sacrificed everything for her safety, and I was cheering him on when he was beating up the rapist. 

There's a few other things that I would like to add, but I don't have enough thoughts about it to have a paragraph about them, so here they are in bullet points:
  • I was glad Sai Ho (Edwin Siu) got arrested, I hate him.
  • I felt sorry for the uncle after his second stroke, even if he was bad
  • Boss Lai (Joel Chan) and Miu Tin bromance was really sweet
  • Samantha Ko is really pretty in pre-modern clothes
  • I wish Sze Man (Katy Kung) and Po Law (Matt Yeung) had more to their storyline
  • All the loyal workers were so sweet to help Sun Yuet and Miu Tin
  • Lai Lai (Law Lan) is the most badass old lady character I've seen in awhile; she's my favorite character in TSLA 
I feel like my thoughts would be more coherent if I wrote this a few days ago when I finished TLSA, but I went to the Big Bang concert in Anaheim on Saturday, so I had no time to write this up. I'm still in fangirl mode for BB, but I wanted to type this post before I forget everything about this series LOL.