{movie} I Corrupt All Cops

I haven't done a movie post in quite a long time...well if you guys remember my Laughing Gor one, I mentioned that I watched a lot of HK triad/cop movies. Although they're almost always the same plot over and over again, they're my favorite genre. hehe 
Basically, the plot was that 90% of HK's police force is corrupted, and so the ICAC was formed. That was pretty much the whole plot. haha But it was actually played pretty well, considering Wong Jing movies aren't that good lately.  I really liked the main cast though: Anthony Wong, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Eason Chan, Bowie Lam, Alex Fong Lik Sun, and Wong Jing.
What surprised me though was that somehow there were a lot of TVB artistes in this movie, even though it wasn't from the Shaw Brothers. 
In addition to Bowie (who was the head of an ICAC branch), Kate Tsui was Eason Chan's 4th wife. The bigger roles had Timmy Hung as a cop, Kenny Wong as some random gangster guy (a useless role as always), and this veteran who I can never remember his name as Alex Fong's uncle. What was weird though was that Gill Mohindepaul Singh had a cameo in this movie. He was in jail, and he switched his food (curry and chicken btw, how racist TVB) with this corrupted British officer's food (some chewy steak apparently). It was funny though. 
The thing is, the most enjoyable plot line was Gale (Eason Chan) and his professional/romantic life. Although I usually do not like Kate's character, I liked the scenes she were in the most. She was sweet and kind, unlike some of the recent roles that she has in TVB series.

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