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A late post, but it's better late than never right?
I started watching The Other Truth with little to no expectations, and I only watched it because of three reasons: Tavia, Raymond Wong, and because the series revolved around cases. And I'm glad that I watched it, because it is definitely my favorite series this year (not that I watched that many series). 

-Character: Wallace Cheuk Siu Him 
Okay, so the three main leads were all likeable, but I admit to having a soft spot for Him Siu (yes, Raymond bias). He started out as the typical rich playboy, but after interacting with Mavis for some time, he really changed a lot. I have to say that Episode 19 was my favorite, and it was mainly because of the Wallace-Mavis scenes. The "I love you too" part was really sweet, and not to mention the whole saving Mavis' life part. If somebody else played him, I don't think I would have rooted for Wallace all that much during the whole series; you could sense the pain he felt when he saw Keith and Mavis interacting. Although it seemed obvious to me that Mavis loved Keith, I just felt so sorry for Wallace, and also now Raymond because he never ends up with Tavia. lol 

-Pairing: none
Sorry, but I can't pick! I liked Keith or Wallace with Mavis... I know that Mavis and Keith should have ended up together , but Wallace is just too sweet! So I guess it's somewhat a tie? Plus the ending kind of ruined the love triangle, so I can't say that I really liked the two pairings. James and Madam Miu were cute, but it seemed kinda rushed. Danny and Ivy were okay, although I really dislike Ivy. Dai C and Alex was meh, since I believe that Alex didn't really love her.

-Case: Kill the Cop (殺警) and Patricide (弒父)
The cop case was definitely the most interesting and exciting case for me. Although I guessed what happened to On gor's cop friend when Wallace first came across the killing, I was curious as to how the case would play out. Plus, as I said before, Episode 19 is too good. :D Cop cases are always interesting, and it helped that there were lots of scenes of the three leads.
I also really liked the first case, the one with Louise Lee and Brian Chu. I liked how Amy Wong decided to start the series out with this case, because it showed the audience what kind of guy Keith was. Plus, the scenes were so heart-breaking, like how Louise would lie and attempt to admit guilt just to help her son. Also, the cause of the dad's death was pretty surprising, I just thought that Chung Jai really killed him. 

-Brian Burrell as Michael (Mavis' ex-husband): When they first tell you, I was so shocked. lol I just thought that Michael really liked Mavis, but in reality they were married before. I don't get how Mavis was in love with Michael though, I mean from her interactions with Keith and Wallace, he doesn't seem her type. 
-Rosanne Lui being evil: Yeah, I thought she was good until they reveal all her faults. I mean, TVB type-casted her as the good mom/wife lady who's always sick, so I always thought that she was good. GG TVB.
-Episode 21 case: I actually understood what the defendant was saying without reading the subs! Haha I knew that there were a lot of people that spoke Teochew in HK, but I didn't expect a character who only knew Teochew in a series. I was watching that episode with my family, and we were all laughing when we realized that they spoke our dialect. I definitely  loved the part where Madam Miu was called an auntie. XD
-Astrid Chan as Krystal Tin's aunt: Yup, that was a huge shocker.
*credits to joty32
And so I found this picture on Baidu. I have to say, this would have been a way better ending than the real one TVB gave us. Come to think of it, I would have totally shipped Wallace x Keith. In episode two when Wallace first appeared, he kept holding on to Keith's arm. And it could have been that Wallace wasn't jealous of Keith and vise versa but they were actually both jealous of Mavis. A fangirl can dream, right? :D 

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