{tvb} TITS2 & AE Thoughts

The first few episodes were great, so I thought that TVB finally stopped screwing up their sequels, but I guess I was wrong. There were too many characters and subplots that it ended up being unbearable to watch. In all honesty, they should have gotten rid of half of the characters and made it less than 40 episodes. Although I like Sam, his treatment of Holiday made him almost unlikable at the end. I don't really see how he loved Holiday, and I preferred it if Holiday and Jayden ended up together. As for Issac and Summer, I could have done without Josie interfering in their relationship. Roy and Heather was alright, as were Jim Jim and Coco & Hero and Pink Pink. I wish TVB didn't have the Apple storyline and instead focused more on Jayden, whose scenes were cut. TVB should have been thankful that Chilam agreed to film for them instead of cutting his scenes out. I half regret watching the whole series, and the only good things that came out of it was the eyecandy that was Chilam and Him Law. LOL 
So far, I like the ancient storyline better. The cases were all pretty interesting, and I actually liked how it was all tied up to the state teacher's wrongdoings. The premodern period, on the other hand, has gotten to my nerves. I dislike how they gave Circle amnesia, and it really was weird how Tsau Fung "remembered" things that happened to Phoenix in the modern age. But the worse thing of all is Tin Tsau Ngan. Mandy is doing a good job, but I have nothing but hate for her character. It is illogical for her to be so angry at her older sister and be crazy enough to conspire with the person who killed her brother in law. To be honest, I only enjoy the scenes where Circle and Kwai jai are together.

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