{update} BK, WP

Wow I haven't updated for like a month, haha. I've actually been watching TVB, but too lazy to blog about anything hehe. Anyways, congratulations to Fred for winning VOS! So happy for him. :) And hopefully all of these unnoticed actors who participated will be promoted more~
I'm currently watching Brother's Keeper and Will Power. BK is sort of annoying me now, and I just skip through a lot of scenes. It sucks how Sam Sir and Rachel breaks up...ugh. And I feel bad for Ah Shun. :/ As for Will Power, it's not your typical legal drama and I really like it. The arguments in court are interesting, and although it's kinda slow, I enjoy it more than BK right now.

(also, too lazy to upload pics here but I have edits on my tumblr (fungyi.tumblr.com)

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