{music} 出走三部曲 - Alfred Hui

I was browsing around on AEU and I found Alfred Hui's debut album~ 
01. 螞蟻
02. 出走
03. 殘忍
04. 我的離開也是愛 (TVB劇集刑警片尾曲)
05. 定格
06. Be My Love
07. 他不好
08. 臨時演員
09. 留白
10. 逃犯 (國語)
11. 螞蟻 (國語) 
I still haven't listened to his whole album yet though. haha But, Alfred is definitely one of my favorite Voice contestants. :) I didn't expect him to release an album so quickly though. I wonder who he signed with...and what happened to TVB's Super 4 thing. lol

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