{tvb} The Other Truth Episode 10 Thoughts

I just finished Episode 10 of The Other Truth today, and this episode was one of the most frustrating to watch. Who cares about the jury?!?!?! Gah. I hate how there was only a few minutes of Tavia, even though she's supposed to be the lead and the prosecutor of the case. 
But anyways, this kinda reminds me of the 'Jury Duty' episode in Malcolm in the Middle. Lois (the mom) was serving in the jury, and all the jurors all voted guilty so they could leave, but she persuaded them to think about the case. She voted not guilty the first time so she could get the other jurors to think about the defendant's innocence, but then when they took a second vote after she persuaded them, she voted guilty and made them all stay again. lol And in a way, Mrs. Wai (Angelina Lo) was kind of like Lois, the person who screws things up for the other juror while having well-meaning intentions. Well, what I'm trying to say is that at least in Hong Kong they only have 7 jurors while in America there's 12...and 12 jurors would have made for an even more boring episode. Also, near the ending, I was wondering if Chima really was innocent or not (luckily they tell you) but it kinda reminded me of the play/movie 12 Angry Men. In the end, one juror convinces everyone that the defendant was innocent, but it was never addressed when the film was over. I was hoping that this episode wouldn't end that way, and I was happy that it concluded. haha
SPOILERS here: There's one thing that is bothering me though. If Chima was innocent, then what was that intense death glare he gave Cecilia (Natalie) in that one part when they were applying for bail?? I mean, sure she's part of the prosecutor's side, but that doesn't mean she makes or breaks the case. lol 
Pic of Tavia for fun :D

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