{tvb} Tavia Yeung

Watch this, you guys! It's basically a special with clips from Tavia winning at the TVB anniversary awards and from some of her older series. I actually never watched this year's anni awards, so watching the short clip shown in this video made me regret that I haven't watched it earlier. It was sweet how everyone hugged her, and you can see all her close friends. I also liked the part where they show Him, since he was tearing up for her. I ship them so much now! Anyways, I also liked watching the clips from her old series, esp the FungYi scenes! haha Makes me want to rewatch all of her old series now. 

And isn't this cute, you guys? Tavia treated the SSSS cast and crew to dinner! Nice to see a lot of them there. :D This may sound weird, but I want Tavia and Rebecca to become friends. LOL Rebecca is fairly new, so she needs friends in the industry, right? And Tavia is such a good friend, so please make my wish come true. lol (I may or may not also ship Kenneth and Rebecca irl....)

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