{tvb} The Day of Days Final Thoughts

It's quite unfortunate that things ended up being as I expected and that this series did not get any better. I expected things to change after Lai Wo turned out to be the mayor's son, but the plot did not really move forward. Most of the characters stayed static the whole series, and even after they did change, it was a drastic and unbelievable one. None of the romantic storylines made any sense, and the ending was just another cliched happy ending churned out by TVB. 


Sunny Chan as Lai Wo/Wong Sai Kit
I was really disappointed in how this character was written. He was a typical good guy, albeit a little ignorant and powerless. At first, I thought that Lai Wo would be turn more assertive and maybe even evil, but I was wrong. I think that this series would have been better if Lai Wo became Acting Mayor earlier in the series. His character would have been more fleshed out. 

Sonija Kwok as Tong Nga Wun
I don't see how she was the female lead of this drama, seeing as she did not have much screen time. The same could also be said for Sunny as well. I liked her strong, independent character, but her actions at the end of the series confused me. It was obvious that she did not like Lai Wo in a romantic sense, but the writers forced her to be in love with him at the end. I thought it would have made more sense for her to not marry, but I guess TVB always wants their female and male leads to end up together.

Raymond Wong as So Fei
A flirtatious yet romantically innocent gang leader - he's a good boss, but that's pretty all much to say about him. He's a regular, hot headed guy who falls in love with a pretty girl. I still liked his scenes, since this is Raymond Wong we are talking about here, lol. He doesn't really change during the course of the whole series at all.

Lin Xia Wei as Tong Nga Man
I don't like these type of female characters - the spoiled, rich girls who use people. It's true that she changed after Nga Wun got put in jail, but her ending change was too drastic for me. I liked how she got responsible, but it seemed out of character for her to give up her rich lifestyle and become the Ah So of the coolie gang. I also do not believe that she fell in love with So Fei after he rescued her; she hated him a lot. 

The plot was not interesting at all until the last episode, in my opinion. I guess it was just all build up to the fifth day of the new year, when all the action happened. The bad guys got their usual comeuppance. I was disappointed Wong Tsan Bong (Matt Yeung) didn't die in the end, haha. I wouldn't recommend watching this series, unless you have nothing better to do. I don't regret watching this, since watching Raymond Wong and Sammy Sum in the last episode do lion dancing was worth it, haha. 

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