{tvb} The Day of Days Initial Thoughts

When this series just started, I thought it would be different from the nonsensical comedies that TVB has been releasing recently. However, I was wrong. The recent episodes proved that TVB needs to freshen up their writing skills and try not to ruin a comedy by exaggerating everything. 
At first, I was intrigued by the movie concept that appeared in the first few episodes. The characters would sit in the movie theater watching a silent film, and the words that appeared on screen would be relevant to their conversation. I thought it was interesting that while the characters were saying one thing, the film would be telling us viewers their true meaning. 
I know that Lai Wo (Sunny Chan) is supposed to be the main character, but it's annoying how little screen time he gets. Instead of telling us more about his character, TVB spends a ridiculous amount of time on the Qing loyalists. I get that their actions are supposed to be exaggerated, but they look pretty stupid to me. The "comical" scenes that Tai Ying and Siu Ying (Vivien Yeo and Katy Kung) are in aren't the least funny. Hopefully after Lai Wo becomes the mayor of Guangzhou, his scenes will greatly increase. 
In addition to the things that irk me, Lin Xia Wei's character Nga Man is very unlikeable. This might stem from the fact that she wronged So Fei (Raymond Wong), since I like him, haha. But it's also due to the fact that she's so spoiled. The only times that I like her are her scenes with Lai Wo. I think she'll make a better pair with Lai Wo than Lai Wo and Nga Wun (Sonija Kwok), since Nga Wun doesn't think much of Lai Wo. 
The Day of Days started out interesting, but now I'm just watching it just for Raymond, Sunny, and Sonija. I'm hoping that the comedy would improve that that they would spend less time on the Qing loyalists...

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