{update} hi

Hey guys, this is my monthly update on my blog to say that I'm still alive and watching TVB~ hahaha.
I'm still watching THC2 and I also started Bounty Lady...got to say that even though I didn't expect much from Bounty Lady, it is a lot more enjoyable than THC2. It's really funny without going overboard or cheesy (at least imo) and I'm so excited about the next episode after finishing one. Dayo really makes the series. THC2 on the other hand, finally picked up the pace now that Che Che isn't the focus of all episodes anymore. Even Yat Kin Tau and Yu Jai are going to be reconciling soon (I hope). I just really want Ben and Mei Suet to be happy together and not have Amber get in the way of their relationship. 
I also finished Will Power. I think there were complaints about the story and how it was unrealistic, but I enjoyed it. The characters' relationships were well built and not rushed at all. The only weird thing was the ending when Wilson and Morris were doing a case about a cat and dog... 

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