{update} what up

Hey, I'm finally on winter break, so that means I might (or might not lol) be updating a little more frequently (and give more substance to my posts). 
I was praising Bounty Lady in my earlier post, but it has gotten significantly less funny now. It might just be that I want Kwong Nam and Jennifer to end up together, but I dislike how Yuen Huen's personality made a 180 degree change and she is now in the way of their relationship. I honestly just want to punch her in the face, lol. The end of episode 15 was really good, though, and I am excited to see how Kwong Nam and Jennifer's relationship is going to be like now. 
OC2 is almost over and it just started to get interesting again. Episode 28 was touching and all, but I still feel like Che Che is completely unnecessary to the storyline. Also, even though I like Tracy, they might as well have made a different drama and put Lawrence, Tracy, Koo Ming Wah and Louisa into it instead of forcing a bunch of other storylines into this one. I would have definitely preferred something with just Yu Tao and BenSuet. 

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