{other} The Emperor's Harem Trailer

后宫 (The Emperor's Harem)

This is a really lengthy trailer.. lol. It has so many spoilers too. To be honest, I don't think I will be watching this because it looks like a typical palace drama, and I've watched my fill of that. All their characters seem pretty typical/stereotyped, and I only think Patrick Tam's character is interesting enough to watch. I'll keep an eye out for reviews/episode synopses, and I might watch Tavia cuts though.
Anyways, Tavia's makeup is not as bad as the one in Beyond, but all their costumes look pretty horrible, and I especially do not like Ady's or Feng Shao Feng's wardrobe.


  1. I think in "Beyond the Realm of Conscience", Tavia's make up was really just overly done and exaggerated because of her character. You'll realize in the beginning, it wasn't so bad, but later on you see her lipstick and eye makeup become more bold, possibly showing that she has become full of herself and seeks the attention she wanted because was jealous.

  2. Urgh I hate blogger comments, somehow it won't work for me. D: Anyways, sorry I didn't see this comment until now. I think you're right, but I still think that her makeup was pretty ugly. lol