{tvb} Psychology TVB Style

I'm trying to hold off doing my final post on Only You. haha So instead of typing up a very overdue post, I decided to sort of review for my AP Psychology exam by using psych terms to describe what TVB does. :3 

Foot-in-the-Door Phenomenon: the tendency for people to comply with a large request after agreeing to a small one. Well, viewers do not technically comply with any requests, but this phenomenon somewhat works. For example, if TVB isn't so sure whether or not a new actor/actress will be accepted by the masses, then they will first give the actor/actress a small role. A recent example is Sire Ma with O.L. Supreme. Her role in this was not that big or small, but her role in MWNS is definitely bigger than this one.

Group Polarization: the enhancement of a group's prevailing inclination through discussion within the group. When people go online to talk about their fave/hated actor or actress, their views will be strengthened as they talk with others. This applies more to netizens who discuss TVB and not the company itself though. Basically, that Hater's/Critic's thread at AF is a breeding ground for intensified hate/trolls. 

Group Think: the mode of thinking that occurs when the desire for harmony overrides a realistic appraisal of the situation. I bet this is where all TVB's failed series start off. The producer suggests an idea for a series, then all the other people try to keep peace in the group by agreeing with the ideas...

Mere Exposure Effect: the phenomenon that repeated exposure to new stimuli increases the liking of it. One of TVB's most loved tactics. In their case, they bombard viewers with the same actors and actresses that they want to promote. Miss HK anyone?

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