{tvb} Only You Episodes 9-30 Thoughts

LOL I didn't blog about Only You for a long time, huh? Well, better late than never. :D I'll put my thoughts in order of the stories, and some specific storylines (Summer and Mandy, Summer and his dad, Sze Tim and Ah Ho) will be kept for my final thoughts.

Amazing Love {Leo (Vin Choi) and Miki (Lee Yee Man), episodes 7-9}

I wish that they could have focused more on the psychological aspect of the story instead of how it was all Leo's fault. The ending was pretty funny though. What I liked about this story was the part about Chai Gor and Phoebe, I loved how he rescued her at the gravesite/hill place. ♥ And another good part was when everyone thought the egg tarts had rat poison in it, lol.

I Have a Dream {Maggie (Kitty Yuen) and Angus (Stephen Huynh), Ashley (Joel Chan) and Mandy (Yoyo Mung) episodes 11 - 13}

How on earth is there such a nice person like Maggie? She loves Angus a lot, but she doesn't try to offend him by trying to say anything about Rebecca. And no offense or anything, but why did she want to be friends with Mandy?? haha. The twist with Ashley's character was so random. I guess that would explain why he took things so fast with Mandy (cause he wanted a baby) but was it necessary to make him so mean? The only good thing about it was that Summer was so nice to Mandy~

Perfection of Deformity {Ah Chak (Raymond Wong) and Ah Kuen (Elena Kong), Yiu Yiu (Vivien Yeo) and Summery (Kevin Cheng), episodes 14-15}

What a really sweet story this was! Although it was kind of clich├ęd with the "pretend to fall in love but then later actually fall in love" relationship, Ah Chak and Ah Kuen were too sweet! I was really glad that they married in the end~
In these episodes, Yiu Yiu (Vivien Yeo) also comes back. And my gosh, what a b---- she was. Ugh, I can't really stand these types of people. She comes back (and being all prissy about it), makes out with Kevin, and then leaves without saying a word. Yeah, what a great girlfriend.

Her Husband is a Boss {Siu Long (Chin Ka Lok) and Chu Chu (Ella Koon), episodes 15 - 17}

This is my second favorite storyline, purely because it was so funny. haha In my opinion though, Chu Chu was being pretty selfish. Although asking Siu Long not to run the dojo was probably in his best interests, she can't really expect his dad to agree to immigrate, even if it was only to Singapore. Or, at least she could have given them more notice, instead of saying it out of the blue. Also, she's freaking pregnant and she drinks?? Or at least that one time when she was mad at Siu Long...has she ever heard of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

A Wealthy Family's Wedding {Tang Choi Kiu (Susan Tse), Lee Chui Yin, Heung Wai Ho (Fred Cheng), Heung Yin Pui, episodes 20 - 21}

Wow, it's just so TVB to have Fred in the story, but make him not even part of the storyline at all. He was just some background character that did nothing, and basically TVB could have just used anyone...) And his wife doesn't even get a whole name... >.> Well, this story wasn't even that important because it was mainly used to add more to the Sze Tim (Louise Lee) vs. Wong Mei Ho (Helen Ma) story...

Mom, I'm Getting Married {Ching Ching (Natalie Tong) and Marco (Alan Wan), episodes 22 - 25}

Let's just say that Ching Ching can really p--- people off. Why some guy that's as nice as Marco would marry her is a mystery to me. But then again, her mom can also be too stubborn/obstinate as well. Like mother, like daughter.

Dreams of the Closing Year {Kau po po (Lai Suen), Wong Fung (Ching Hor Wai), Ma Kai Hung (Lau Dan), and Ho Yuk Ying (Rosanne Lui), episodes 22 - 30}

I really feel sad for Kau po po and her daughter, she waited and tried to find her husband for so many years, but in the end it turns out that he died. :( And I guess in some ways, her story was similar to Sze Tim's, in that they both ended up broken-hearted. My favorite scene was when Summer chased after the thief that stole Kau po po's purse...so man! haha As for the Tim, Hung, Ying love triangle, I really don't get why Sze Tim would think that there was a chance that she and Hung would get back together. I mean, geez, he left her more than ten years ago, and he came back a few years ago to Hong Kong. If he didn't try to look for her a few years ago, what would make him want to get back with her now?? Okay, I still feel bad for her, but it takes two to tango, and she was also at fault in the relationship.

My Indian Father-in-law {Ah Yan (Shermon Tang), Peter, Gill, episodes 25-27} 

Another comedic storyline. Somehow, I can't help but think that TVB played up the stereotypes so much. It was funny how the mom understood Cantonese and snitched on the husbands/boyfriends, and the guys all thought it was Peter though.

The Last Wedding {King (Lai Lok Yi), Kaka (Elaine Yiu), episodes 27-30} 

Kaka was so annoying. I understood why Phoebe, Mandy, and Auntie Fong were so angry. lol It was funny how there was this whole thing about how Kaka and King's deaths were unnecessary, but I thought it fit well with the storyline. Although it could have been written better and not so sudden, it was all for the best. Besides, not all stories end in happiness. The story name is ironic though, because they never really got married.

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