{tvb} Tavia's new series

Apparently Tavia is supposed to be filming an ancient or pre-modern series after she finishes 36 Hours, and people are speculating that it would be either 名媛望族 (Prominent Family) or 大太監 (The Great Eunuch). There are pros and cons for each series, but either way I'll  be watching whatever series she films (unless it's Prominent Family with a Kenvia pairing). So, here are my thoughts on the pros of each series. 

名媛望族 (Prominent Family)
  • Pre-modern series means she might have long hair
  • Possible TaRo pairing
  • Tavia and Fala scenes

 大太監 (The Great Eunuch)
  • Tavia will get to work with Wayne
  • Possible Raymond Wong and Tavia pairing
  • Pretty ancient clothing for Tavia to wear (maybe)
Okay, this might be Raymond bias, but I'd kind of rather Tavia film Eunuch. Sure, I love Fala and Ron, but Tavia deserves a good ending with Raymond! When TOT2 does film, I'm pretty sure Mavis and Keith will end up together and Wallace will be all lonely. I don't think anyone wants a repeat of the doomed Stevia pairing, so I'm definitely up for some YinYi. ;D

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