{tvb} TV Funny Ep 15

Also known as <玩轉三周1/2>.  Now, I've been watching it these past weeks, and none of the skits were that amazing (except the second skit in episode 6, that one was so funny). However, I was anticipating the TV City skit because of that fact that many of the TVB artistes would be in it. It was too bad that the parts in TV City weren't that long. D: 

BUT. One good thing did happen. This.
Hehe. Now I want a series with Ron and Raymond Wong in it. 
Well, I really liked Raymond Lam's part too, he was so cute. :) Too bad I couldn't find his cut of the episode. Well, there was one tiny part with 2R that I had to cap from Ron's cut though. 
Blurry. But I don't care, its 2R.  

More caps of Ron and Ray W. 

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