{tvb} Three Kingdoms RPG Thoughts

Twenty-five episodes of pure, wholesome bromance goodness. That's pretty much what I'll remember from Three Kingdoms, honestly. That and how Lau Ka Ho hates the FungYi pairing.
Szema Shun and Chukot Leung are a pretty unique pairing. I think they make a better couple than Chukot Leung and his wife LOL. Their scenes are pure bromance, through and through. First, Szema Shun gets drunk at Chukot Leung's wedding (jealousy? haha) and when Chukot Leung thought Szema Shun died after he got shot by the arrow and fell off the cliff...man. Those tears immediately came. Later when his wife got really sick and they thought she was going to die, Chukot Leung wasn't that sad. And in episode 22 when they parted, it definitely looked more like lover separating than just friends. 

And you can't talk about this series without mentioning Fan Gan and Szema Shun. When Fan Gan first appeared, I thought he was just going to be an extra, but I'm glad that I was wrong. Johnathan Cheung is perfect as Fan Gan, and his character is so loveable. Loyal, trusting, and a great friend, who wouldn't want to be his friend?? Kenneth and Johnathan are too cute together. 

Anywho, the bromance scenes are a good thing (including those of Lau Bei, Kwan Yu, and Cheung Fei), but it makes me sad that Ron wasn't in it. I've been watching 2R MVs on Tudou lately, and my 2R feels are killing me. I would watch Szema Shun and Chukot Leung scenes (as well as Szema Shun and Song Yau) and be sad that Ron wasn't playing Szema Shun instead. I mean, Kenneth did a good job and he fits the character, but I can't help but think that Ron would have been a better fit. Of course, Lau Ka Ho had to have a MOL reunion (but the pairings are wrong T_T).

Ending Spoilers (because I have to talk about the ending): Stupid stupid Lau Ka Ho and his sad endings. Of course, this was finished before WI, so he had to add salt to the wound by killing Hui Sir after killing Szema Shun in TKRPG. :( First, he doesn't even give the audience a summary of what happens to Chukot Leung and everyone else and just focuses on Szema Shun in the present/future. Those people have lives too, you know. I want closure! And now the ending. Song Yau somehow comes through the blue light thirty years later right after Szema Shun dies. And she still looks young. wth. I'd like to think that she didn't really go to the future and it was all Szema Shun thinking while he was dying. And that Song Yau marries Fan Gan (eh not really possible considering Fan Gan wouldn't be with his good brother's girl) because he's a good guy. Also, I'm still pissed Song Yau is such a boring character. 

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