{tvb} The Last Steep Ascent EP 1-12 Thoughts

I'm sort of behind on The Last Steep Ascent, but I wanted to write down my thoughts on the series so far. I feel like the plot is nothing special, since it is a romance with family drama like many other series, but it's entertaining anyways. 


Miu Tin (Moses Chan): As I stated before, his character is the all around good guy. Nothing special so far. I wonder if he'll get more interesting when the romance between him and Sun Yuet starts. I like how he's so smart though. (Anyways, is he a ninja or something? During episode 9 when the elders were all pestering Sun Yuet to break up the estate, nobody noticed him standing at the window. haha)
Sun Yuet (Maggie Cheung): I really like her character so  far. She seems like a strong, independent woman, but underneath she has a lot of emotions that cannot be shown to the world. 
Madam Ho (Law Lan): She's badass. I like her. 
Ho Sai Cheung (KK Cheung): I don't like him. He's a good businessman and helped Miu Tin, but I really dislike him for lying to Sun Yuet about his affair. I feel like a bad person, but I was kind of glad when he died. He doesn't deserve a good wife like Sun Yuet. 
Cheng Kiu (Kenny Wong): Is it me, or is his screentime really low? There's nothing really to say about him, except for the parts when he was really angry in the beginning. I wonder what happened to all his anger now.
Tin Oi Tai (Aimee Chan): I don't like her character, either. I am assuming that we are supposed to pity her, but she's still a third party. She knows that she's hurting Sun Yuet, but she has to be with Sai Cheung because she loves him. I was happy when Madam Ho kicked her out of the place she was living in, haha. Also, when she was running away from the rapist, that was sort of a weird scene. Who on earth runs like that?

Ho Kwan Yiu (Cheung Yik): I hate this man. At first, I thought he would be okay since he liked Sai Cheung's children so much, but after all the things he's done to harm the family, I realize that he is a horrible man. He raped someone and ran away from his responsibilities, and he was ready to let his sister in law die when he wanted the company/estate to break up. 
Ho Sai Ho (Edwin Siu): I know he's the antagonist, but I can't hate him. I don't like the things that he does, but he's so clever. He's too smart to hate. I don't like his wife, though. She's sort of stupid.
Lai Chai Man (Joel Chan) & Yim Ping (Samantha Ko): I like this couple, and I really hope they're in more scenes. 

On a side note, I really like the villagers' interactions. The scene when one of the villagers gave birth was heartwarming, Also, they barely know Oi Tai, but when she was sick, a lot of people came and help. I also like the loyal workers of Ho Ching Tong. All those people almost makes up for the evilness of Sai Ho and the one old man whose name I forgot. 

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  1. Lai Chai Man and Yim Ping were so cute and funny together. Best loving couple ever!