{tvb} Quick Update

Oops, haven't been updating in quite awhile. I'm not that busy with school yet, but I never really found the time to post anything. haha 
Well, currently I'm watching both The Last Steep Ascent and Highs and Lows. I'm only on episode 6 of LSA and 5 of HL. 
I started LSA without expecting anything good, and so far nothing's really popping out to me. I like Maggie, but Moses' character is kind of boring right now. I've been reading that Joel and Samantha's performances are good, so I'm looking forward to that. I have to say though, I really liked the scene when Aimee got kicked out of the house, hehe. 
I like Highs and Lows right now, maybe mostly because of Raymond. Happy Sir is a funny character, he's so cute and dorky. I'm getting bored of Ben in his uptight character roles, though. 

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