{tvb} TLSA Random Thoughts

I'm almost done with The Last Steep Ascent! I feel like everyone ignored it and Highs and Lows got more attention because of the cast and storyline, but I feel like TLSA should get some attention as well. The main storyline with Miu Tin (Moses Chan) and Sun Yuet (Maggie Cheung) is slow, but it's still sweet. I wish they had more focus, but there's still 4 more episodes for me to watch, so I might be surprised. Anyways, in the beginning, I did not care for Cheng Kiu or Oi Tai. However, the last few episodes I watched really got to me. Although he's not perfect, he's such a good guy. It was touching how he hurried to buy those white flowers for Oi Tai when she was going to move into the Ho household, and I was cheering him on when he was beating up the rapist. I'm assuming from the themevideo that Cheng Kiu and Oi Tai will live happily ever after, and I hope that's true. 
Also, episode twenty one was full of feels. I want Miu Tin to just heal Boss Lai already. Use your powers!! Augh. 

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