{update} Bullet Brain, Beauty at War Thoughts

I finished Bullet Brain a long time ago but I never posted about it. The ending was pretty disappointing. They ruined Pau Ping On as a character, and it was quite stupid how they made Joanna die. It was weird how in the end Columbo doesn't age at all, and he's basically a monster. It's not worth watching, to be honest. If you want to watch Natalie do a good job though, maybe try finding cuts of her scenes. haha
I'm currently on episode 18 of Beauty at War. It's actually quite confusing if you don't pay careful attention to the plot haha. I don't think I'm going to put up my thoughts in an organized post, so this quick update will have to do. Anyways, there was a really weird scene where Lady Yue (Sheren Tang) was smelling Seung Ling (Ada Choi) because Seung Ling smelled like the 5th prince who died. The part right before was sad, and then it just turned into a 'wtf' moment for me. I could have done without that scene, TVB, thanks.

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