{tvb} Alfred Hui in Home Coming 回鄉

回鄉 actually aired last year, but I never got around to watching it, even though I was intrigued by the concept. However, I was reminded of this show by a post on tumblr. It turns out that Alfred is from Shantou, a Teochew province. Since I'm a fan of Alfred and my family is Teochew, this was something that I had to watch. :) Alfred is featured in episodes eight and nine. 

I'm sorta disappointed that Alfred didn't really speak Teochew and mostly spoke in Cantonese and Mandarin, but his Teochew was pretty cute in the end. :) He spoke with a Canto accent, but then again I speak Teochew with an English accent haha. It was great to learn more about my "home province." 

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