{tvb} Triumph in the Skies 2 Ep 1-20 Thoughts

Usually the grand production series that TVB put a lot of effort into turn out disappointing, but luckily Triumph in the Skies 2 is has not failed my standards - yet. It's fairly interesting and the love triangles have not gotten on my nerves yet. However with the inclusion of so many characters, it seems like things are going to get a bit messy, and while we're pretty much halfway through the series, some of the more important characters aren't receiving enough screen time.
Since the first installment was ten years ago, I don't really remember the character dynamics. I pretty much only recall Zoe (Myolie Wu) liking Sam (Francis Ng), Issac's (Ron Ng) love triangle with Donald (Sammul Chan) and Zita (Michelle Yip) and Belle (Flora Chan) and Vincent's (Joe Ma) marriage. I honestly don't even remember Coco (Nancy Wu) or Roy (Kenneth Ma) that much. So, I'm only going to base my thoughts about the characters on what we've seen so far in the sequel. Sam gor is definitely my favorite. Even though Jayden (Chilam Cheung) is the cutest thing ever (besides Jim Jim), Sam is more likable. He's a great older brother not only to Issac but to Coco as well. I actually really liked watching Sam and Manna (Michelle Yim) scenes, since she advises him instead of him being everyone else's mentor or guide. I would prefer it if they just let Sam stay single throughout the whole series, though. I don't see him feeling any romantic inclinations towards Holiday (Fala Chen), and it seems he is still very much in love with Zoe. And honestly, Jayden and Holiday are cuter together, even though the way they started their relationship was rushed and weird. 
I like Ron a lot, so it's sort of a given that I would like Issac, haha. And I recall liking him in the first installment, so yeah... I just don't like how he's somehow going to get into a love triangle if he doesn't even like Josie (Kelly Fu).  Sam and Issac scenes are definitely my favorite in this series.
Roy is sorta boring right now. He finally broke it off with both his girlfriends, so he finally gets to develop with Head Jeh (Elena Kong). I don't really like him that much, though. 
Coco's storyline is just farfetched. I don't see how her best friend's boyfriend would be terminally ill while the best friend can't have children. I don't really like Coco that much, either. I only like it when Coco is with Sam, Issac, or Roy tbh. 
The new characters in the series aren't that bad. I really like Jayden and Ha Sun (Myolie Wu). It took a long time for Jayden and Ha Sun to repair their sibling bond, but it was worth it. The ending of episode 17 was really sweet, and the scenes in later episodes where Jayden tries to please Ha Sun were really cute. For new characters in a series, they don't get on your nerves. I just wish that TVB would have shown some scenes or explained more about why Ha Sun disliked Jayden for such a long time. Jayden and Holiday make a good pair and so does Ha Sun and Issac (although I have to say I preferred Issac and Zita LOL) [Also Ha Sun drinks way too much Vitamin Water. TVB should lay off the product placement, I swear her blood should be 99% Vitamin Water by now.]
I actually don't really like Holiday that much. She's cute and all, but I don't like her way of thinking. Even though I like her with Jayden and she had cute scenes during PPP, I don't like her. hahaha 
Pink Pink (Rebecca Zhu) hasn't had that much screentime yet. She looks good with Jim Jim (Him Law), but he's going to end up with Coco anyways. It seems she had a past (?) with Adrian (Pal Sinn) the owner of Skylette, but there hasn't been any information about that yet. I like Rebecca, so I'm looking forward to her scenes but so far she seems kinda useless.
Jim Jim is also one of my favorite characters. He's really nice to everyone and is so cute. His friendship with Hero (Ho Kwan Shing) also sorta reminds me of Donald and Issac, except they liked each other early on haha. 
One thing I dislike, though is the maintenance team. At first, they seemed like good brothers/friends, but after Ah B (Adrian Chau) applied to be a cadet, they got all prissy. Their friendship broke down easily, and it was pretty annoying. I don't like the focus on Ah B in the more recent episodes. He's such an annoying kid, and even though I like Adrian, I really dislike his character. He should just shut up with all his stupid singing and stop hating on Issac for no reason at all. If they didn't focus on Ah B, they could get more Sam or Jayden scenes, but it's too bad TVB is wasting precious episode minutes focusing on Ah B....

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