{tvb} Voice of Stars Ep 6

I actually forgot that VOS aired yesterday, lol. Anyways, this week they changed up the format a little. I wasn't really paying attention when they were explaining it, but I'm pretty sure it's just past Voice contestants going against the current ones right now. 
Ronald was the first one to go up, and he paired up with Becky to sing against Stephanie Ho and Sheldon Lo (who is pretty cute btw). I think he did pretty well, and I really liked how his voice sounded in this performance. Yao Bin, who picked a pretty hard song, went up against Ryan Lau. Bob Lam paired up with Stanley Cheung to sing 最佳損友, an Eason Chan song and one of the few songs that I recognize on this show, lol. They were against Brian Tse, Penny Chan, and Kwan Gor (James Ng). And last, but not least, Alfred and Fred had a duet! hehe Since they are two of my favorites, it's sorta obvious that this was my favorite performance of the night. They sang Alfred's 青春頌, which wasn't one of my favorite songs of Alfred's, but it was a nice choice anyways. I think next week Wong Cholam is going to perform with someone~ But honestly this is getting kind of boring, so I'm just waiting for this show to end hahaha. 

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