{other} Liebster Award

I got tagged by Lynne (from TVB Horizon) this time! Thank you~ Although I'm not going to tag anyone. :P
1. Your favourite tvb themesong.  Leave a link if you can!
This is so hard since I love like all of the themes that Raymond Lam sang LOL. But I'm going to put the theme from "Point of No Return" instead. I just love Chilam's voice~ 
2. Create a character you'd like to see in a TVB series! (occupation, personality, who'd you want to play it etc)
Honestly, I would like a character like Professor Yukawa from Galileo. While TVB attempted to write someone like him for "The Mysteries of Love," Professor King was a joke compared to Yukawa sensei. I just want someone who is logical all the time and really smart. I think Steven Ma would do a good job with this character. 
3. What is your favourite post that you've written? Leave a link!
I don't really like any of my posts, but I thought my Pang Sam Shun post was okay.
4. Your favourite drama from last year.
Hmm there were a lot of dramas that I liked but I don't have a real favorite. I'll just say Always and Ever.
5. Tell us one memorable scene from the drama you answered for number 4.
A memorable scene was when Rebecca and Pierre were reunited again, but then he died shorty after. :/ 
6. Tell us an embarrassing moment that you've experienced. OR if you're not too interested in sharing that, what is your favourite flower? haha
LOL. I tripped in front of my friend last summer cause I was busy staring at some guy :( 
7. Most inspiring quote from a drama
I don't really remember quotes from dramas. :/ 
8. I know there would be lots, but name one retired TVB actress AND actor that you would like to see back onscreen again and WHY?
Retired as in they're old and not acting anymore, or they left TVB? I'm going to pick the latter since I don't really pay attention to all the veteran actors. I would like Bernice to come back and film for TVB. I recently rewatched TMOL, and it would be nice for her to be in a series with Tavia and actually have scenes together. As for actor, Dicky Cheung? LOL. I haven't watched any of his series in forever, and it would be nice to see him again (in Journey to the West 3?? haha He might be too old to play Sun Wukong though...)
9. Your favourite place you've visited.
idk, I don't really have one. :P 
10. Your favourite onscreen partnership (does not have to be a couple).
Definitely FUNGHEIYI!! My OT3~ I really hope that the three of them get to film a series together again one day. TOB was such a long time ago. :( 

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  1. WHOOO! Thanks for answering :D

    Ah, can't agree more with you that Steven would do really well in a role like Raymond's in MOL! Steven just sinks right into those kind of roles, the heroic and logical/strategic one :D

    Lols for your embarrassing moment, I remember that I was like that when I saw Ruco Chan at the autograph session haha.

    Hey for FUNGHEIYI, it's Raymond, Tavia and who's the one in the middle?? I'm guessing Ron NG? Just dunno where the 'hei' comes from haha