{movie} Laughing Gor - Turning Point & Rule #1

Laughing Gor 之變節  (Laughing Gor - Turning Point)

I finally watched this! haha To be honest, I didn't really want to watch it because I don't care about Michael. But then, of course, Fala Chen is in it, and I do love my triad films. I didn't really expect anything out of this movie because we all know that nothing will happen to Laughing cause this was before E.U. The funny thing is that the focus of the movie wasn't really even on Laughing, it was more on Yat Gor and Zatoi. But that was actually a good thing, because the Laughing in this movie is no way like the Laughing in E.U. I only really liked the Zatoi and Karen scenes...

One of the more interesting scenes
Having watched my share of HK triad movies, though, this was full of cliches. I mean, come on, undercovers, drugs, Eric Tsang being the leader? Oh yeah, and not to mention Anthony Wong and Francis Ng. The bunches of cameos and supporting roles that TVB people had was kinda funny though (except for Kenny Wong, he was completely useless, and so was Pierre), and I liked pointing out the people that I knew. Plus, Yuen Biao is in this. haha. 

第一誡 (Rule #1)

Yeah, I meant to watch this movie when it came out, but I was too lazy to watch online. I'm glad I didn't, cause then I would be blocking my screen half the time cause there were so many gross scenes...  

Anyways, I was watching this movie cause I like Shawn Yue. And that was basically it, cause I usually hate HK horror films cause they almost always end up being stupid. The storyline was okay, even though there were a lot of stuff left unexplained. Like if ghosts were so powerful, isn't the Miscellaneous Affairs Department of the HK police pretty much screwed? lol. Acting was good for both leads. (And I finally get to watch Stephanie Che act again! haha I wonder if she'll ever be in another TVB series?) I think I prefer Ekin in this type of role instead of being a "young" guy in all his movies, plus him dancing with an inflatable dinosaur was pretty entertaining.

Go Shawn!
Oh yeah, and referring to earlier said gross scenes... there was a bunch of them. The grossest one (imo) was when this girl suicided on the roof and nobody discovered the body until days after. So her skin was all brown and wrinkly and disgusting and I really wish that I didn't see that part. :( And all of Shawn's imagined ghost scenes were pretty gross too. Basically, don't watch this if you're easily creeped out like me.

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