{tvb} Highs and Lows Thoughts

Although so many people were praising Highs and Lows, I was not as interested in it as I was in TLSA. The premise was interesting, but I felt that it got boring after Happy Sir (Raymond Lam) and Ah Pat (Kate Tsui) slept together. The script spent too much time on romance, and I felt that more time should have been spent on the cases instead. 
I get that Gordon (Michael Miu) and Happy Sir were supposed to be really good friends, but I it seemed that after the first few episodes, they didn't even seem to be that close or have many scenes together. In the hospital scene when Happy Sir punched Gordon two times, I could see their bond of friendship, and Gordon's funeral scene was also touching, but I would have believed their friendship more if there were more scenes of them together. 
In the beginning, I shipped Happy Sir and Ah Pat together, but halfway through, I liked Happy Sir and Sandy (Ella Koon) together better. At first, I found Sandy annoying, but she was such a nice girl, and she liked Happy Sir so much. I get that Ah Pat went through a lot of shit, and her life in general was horrible, but it didn't give her a right to hurt Sandy's feelings. She got Happy Sir in trouble because she didn't want him to have someone like her in his life, but I just think that she was selfish. If she had let Happy Sir help her, she wouldn't have had to die or suffer so much. I also did not get how Happy Sir was so in love with her. They had little development in their relationship, but suddenly they sleep with each other and Happy Sir would shoot Gordon because he thought he killed Ah Pat? 
I actually liked Gordon and Helen (Elaine Ng) together more than Happy Sir x Ah Pat/Sandy. I thought that this couple was cuter (not lookwise, but scenes), and I wanted them to have a happy ending. I was happy when it turned out Ivan (Geoffrey Wong) turned out evil, and that case was pretty interesting as well. 
I felt sorry for Ah Tim (MC Jin) and Ah Chun a lot. For the whole series, I knew that Tim loved Ah Pat, because he did and sacrificed so much for her. Ah Chun was innocent, and it was cruel how Sam Kau and his thugs killed him. Basically, Poon Hok Lai (Ben Wong) deserved his exploding death, although he should have been sent to jail to suffer for the rest of his life instead. 
Overall, the series was interesting, but I finished it just for the sake of finishing the series. 

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