{tvb} TVB 2012 Sales Presentations

Yay, thanks to KennethTaviaRuco @ Youtube for uploading some of the SP videos! (: 
On Call 36 Hours II~ I can't wait to watch this, especially since I liked the first one a lot! Hopefully they don't ruin the storyline. :D 
I've never actually finished A Great Way to Care, but since it seems like most of the old characters are gone, I don't have to watch the first one to watch this one, right? hehe
From the premise, it doesn't seem that this series will be filmed. I would like to see this, but it would be better if Sharon was replaced by Tavia. haha Still, I wouldn't mind this cast, because I really want Raymond and Ron to film another series together. I need my 2R. 

All of the sales presentations can be viewed here at this link or here. Besides the three SP that I've posted up, the one that I'm looking forward to the most is the one with Bobby and Esther. She still looks so pretty and young after all these years, and I can't wait to watch this couple! The Ruco/Edwin/Linda drama doesn't look so bad either, and I am excited for Linda's 90's look, because she suits it so well. haha The other dramas look okay, but the worst one has to be the one with Kenneth and Raymond Wong. I was laughing when I was watching it. It doesn't seem like it will be filmed, though, which is a good thing. 

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