{update} New Header

I got tired of the SSSS header with Kenta, and now here's a simple one featuring Linda. I really love this picture from the AME website, but I can't seem to find any other ones with her wearing the same dress on the site. D: Oh wells. 
I know I said I would write out a TC review, but I forgot. hehe Now it's been too long and I forgot most of the stuff I had to say. It was going to be about how Sheung Hei's character went from being my favorite to being a joke anyways, haha. 
Also, I was excited to start watching Friendly Fire and Missing You. FF is great so far, and I love all the characters. I especially like Sammy's Po Ti sir. haha He's too cute. Also, I was really excited for Missing You and the cases, but I was halfway through the first episode and found it too boring for my tastes. I mean, I like Linda, Jason, and Rams. I really want to watch the Raymond Wong and Elaine Yiu scenes, and there's Helena Law, one of my favorite veterans. But it just doesn't suit my tastes. Oh well, it also seems like not a lot of other people are watching it either. 

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