{tvb} Beauty at War Thoughts

Beauty at War is a series that could make you confused easily, especially if you did not pay attention to all of the details. Also, some of it was pretty draggy, so I could see why this series did not get high ratings. While there were a lot of big names in the cast, their acting could not save an uninteresting script. 
The only relationship that I looked forward to watching was that of Muk Do Yee (Katy Kung) and Tung Kat Hoi (Kenny Wong). It was interesting to see how Muk Do Yee thought of Tung Kat  Hoi as her only friend to confide in, and the fact that Kat Hoi went to look for Muk Do Yee instead of escaping the palace spoke a lot about their relationship. It's too bad that their ending was left open-ended, but I like to think that Tung Kat Hoi caught up to Muk Do Yee and Ko Lau Fei. I liked this couple. 
The palace scheming is overdone, so I don't really want to talk about it haha. One thing I do wonder is what really happened to Master Wan (Eddie Kwan) when he went to Rehe to perform for the emperor. His wife  Ying Kam (Vivien Yeo) suffered so much because of him, and I think she's one of the characters that I pity the most in this drama. 
Anyways, thirty episodes is pretty draggy. Don't watch it if you don't have time to waste, lol.

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