{tvb} Slow Boat Home Ending Thoughts

Slow Boat Home was a lighthearted family series from the start, and that's how it stayed. Although it ended with a cheesy 'x years later' with everyone ending up happily ever after together, it was a satisfying ending. All the pairings that were meant to be ended up together, and they had a sickeningly sweet song performance at the end too. The ending was really cute, though, so it's okay if TVB ended it with a cliche haha. 

The best part of the series had to be the bromance between the three main guys (especially in the last episode). Shuttle Kei (Matt Yeung) didn't get as much screentime as the others, but he's my favorite. :) Although some of the characters ended up pissing me off, SBH is still entertaining enough to finish. Just don't expect something fresh and new from TVB, though. 

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