{update} New Header!

After more than half a year, I finally got around to changing my header! This time it's featuring Oscar Leung. :) It's super simple since I'm too lazy to make anything else. hahaha I can't wait for The Voice 4 to come out so I can listen to Oscar sing some more (and of course Fred!!). 
I'm currently watching A Change of Heart and Awfully Lawful. I'm too lazy to write my thoughts on this series in a normal post, though. ACOH is pretty boring and I find myself fast forwarding through scenes that don't have Siu Yiu (Bosco Wong) in it. To be honest, I'm not really liking Joey Meng's character, and I especially dislike Sze Ka (Mandy Wong). The audience is supposed to pity them (? well at least Sze Ka) but the only time I enjoy Sze Ka scenes are when they make fun of her. AL on the other hand is very entertaining. I especially love Elsa (Selena Li) and Solo (Roger Kwok). I really want to know what happened to Ming (Raymond Cho), so hopefully he comes back soon. 

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