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I didn't really write much in my "About Me" page because I was lazy when I first opened this blog. After some thought, I decided to write more, thus the reason for this post. ;) Basically, I only have eight favorite people. I Googled up a 'real definition' of favorite and here it is: "something regarded with special favor or liking", so I guess that's my definition.

Although I can't really say who I like better than who for the whole list, I know that my top three will never fluctuate. Their names are in bold. :D And the whole list is in alphabetical order by last name. 

Chen, Fala
I always feel good about myself regarding liking Fala because I've liked her waaay before Moonlight Resonance. I'm not really sure how I started liking her, though. haha

Chung, Gillian

I started liking Gillian after watching The Monkey King a long time ago. haha I know a lot of people don't like her, but I think she's a nice person.

Lam, Raymond

No justification needed, right? (Even though I do complain about his stuff a lot...)

Liu, Bernice
Bernice is really sweet and I love her personality. I know I rarely talk about her, but I like her a lot. 

Ng, Ron
He used to be my number one favorite years ago, but now it's changed. lol

Wang Lee Hom

Do I really need to write something here? haha

Yeung, Tavia
See above. :)

Yue, Shawn
This should be a surprise to most, if not all, of you guys. haha The only time I mentioned him ever was in the previous post about Rule #1. Well, I've watched a lot of his movies, and he's definitely my favorite HK movie actor. (Raymond doesn't count cause all his movies suck.)

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