{tvb} Season of Love - Winter

Winter was an interesting storyline. Tung Nei (Myolie Wu) does not remember her life from when she was a teenager, so she asks Cho On (Kenneth Ma) for help. The whole time, I thought Cho On was her old boyfriend, but I was glad to be proved wrong. It was weird how Cho On fell in love with Tung Nei so easily, though, and it seemed like she didn't really like him that much, either. I actually liked the parts about Cho On and Uncle Shing better. 
I wish that they focused more on Cho On and his private detective agency as well. Cho On and Ming (James Ng) made a good team, haha. I wonder what happened to Ming and his girlfriend(?). I guess since only five episodes were alotted for winter, there wasn't that much time for the detective agency to be explained.
Well in the end, Cho On and Tung Nei still got their happy ending. Although not as good as autumn's storyline, winter still had some interesting parts. The weird part was how this series was ordered. I'm assuming that spring, summer, autumn, and winter are not in chronological order. This is because Cho On says that he has a girlfriend during spring, but during summer Ming was commenting on about how Cho On will eventually get to go out with a girl. 

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