{music} Raymond Lam's new MVs

My favorite new MV of his. It's sort of plain, considering the fact that EEG is just filming Raymond walking around, eating, etc. but it's cute. He's just dancing around at inappropriate times, but it's Raymond, so nobody thinks it's weird. haha After watching this video, I've come to the conclusion that he acts too cute for his age (which is a good thing for fangirls, I guess haha). Well, I got my Raymond feels back after watching this MV. 
EEG needs to find new filming places for their music videos. Having people dance in a warehouse is just weird, imo. Also, Raymond should fire his choreographer. Most of the dance moves made me cringe, LOL. I'm not fond of the weird all black armor suit he's wearing, plus he looks better in the tank and sweat pants haha. And I don't think the last shot of him walking to the camera was necessary, unless EEG wanted everyone to look at his crotch?
Again, another MV of him just dancing. In some hallway. EEG sure is spending some big money on his MVs... I like it when he sings in a deeper tone, though. hehe

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